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Oct 9, 2011 09:33 AM

Old NY Times recipe - potato kugel

Sometme between 1978-1985 the NYT published a recipe for a potato kugel where you were not supposed to peel the potatoes and you could use a food processor. It was a great recipe and of course I have misplaced it. Does anybody have a copy

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  1. Didn't they just come out with a cookbook filled with archived recipes from the Times? I thought I had heard about it on NPR. BTW, I use a food processor all the time. The not peeling is another story, though.

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      I never peel potatoes for anything I use them for. I suppose if I were going to make mashed potatoes, I might, but just don't bother for anything else.

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        Sure, but the cookbook doesn't have every single recipe ever published in the Times' 130 years of recipe-publishing. I happen to have it out of the library at the moment, and there's no recipes for potato kugel in it at all.

        A quick search of the NYT archives didn't lead me to any recipes like those you describe, but they have a new (beta version) search tool that focuses only on recipes. You'll find it in the upper right of this page: http://www.nytimes.com/pages/dining/i... I think it only focuses on the archives from 1981 onwards, so it won't cover all of your range, but you can do a separate search in the regular search engine for your particular dates.