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Oct 9, 2011 08:56 AM

Lemon Curd Cake disaster; need to make another

I made a lemon curd cake this morning for Canadian Thanksgiving this evening at family's in Can.
I put the batter down first, made a ring and put some curd, put more batter and dotted with curd.
Baked at convection 360.

When I took it out, it looked and smelled great, however, the curd sunk to the bottom. So, in a panic, I just flipped it over and going to dust it up the ying yang with powdered sugar. It is now curdy at the top and crusty at the bottom.

I need to make another one for Columbus day tomorrow at my house.
Should I be baking the cake a little first and then putting the curd on it. I want the curd to still have some of its integrity and not totally bake into the cake.
Any solutions?

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  1. Dunno if swirling it into the cake is an option, but that may help keep it afloat.

    1. I've never tried to do what you describe. What I do is make a 1-2-3-4 yellow cake, then use lemon curd as the frosting. I've never had a disaster. From a "taste" perspective, I don't think I'd like lemon curd baked, either.

      I usually put fruit on it, too.

      1. Two thoughts: either you can make a lemon cake in layers and fill it with lemon curd, after cooling, or fold the lemon curd into the dry ingredients, as this recipe does:

        I think you need to fold the curd into the batter, rather than layering the batter with the curd. Anyway, however you do t, I hope it works out.

        1. Attempt #2
          Poured the cake batter into a pan. Topped with dollops of lemon curd and used a thin spatula to swirl it into the cake.
          It was better, but the curd made the cake just more pudding like. I was hoping for something like a cake texture with a heavier ridge and some puddles of curd on top peeking through some more cake. The taste of both was to die for. Also, I used a bottle of that Sicilian lemon juice for curd and I know people say you must use fresh lemons but this is the best and lemoniest my curd has ever been!

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            For this technique, what if you reserve some cake batter to mix w/ the lemon curd and swirl that in? That would keep it more cake like. If you want some lemon curd peeking through, use less lemon curd that you did, enough to see, but not enough to change the cake texture.

          2. I'm with the crowd that says bake the cake without the curd. What I have done in the past is to use the curd as the filling, but not the frosting. I make a coconut cake with lemon (and sometimes lime) curd filling. I don't hink I would like it baked into the cake.