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Oct 9, 2011 08:41 AM

Carpinteria: Avocado Festival - last day

Carpinteria Avocado Festival- last day today - Sunday - Oct 9, 2011 - we took Amtrak from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria to avoid any parking hassles and munched on guacamole and chips, the Carpinteria Beautiful BLT with guacamole, McConnell's avocado ice cream and passed up (only because we were full) the avocado pie, the avocado chocolate truffles and lots of other non-avocado food truck offerings as well as civic groups offering ribs, tri-tip and all the other festival street food ones expects to find. Worth a trip if you are looking for a novel food destination on his beautiful day.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Sounds like fun, maybe one yr I will make it.

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      Yes, this is the 25th Annual Avocado Festival and it looks like it is now well-established for next year and beyond. Taking Amtrak works really well because the station is only a few blocks from the festival and there are also wonderful parts of this beachside town to explore close by too - including the bird watching at the salt marsh nature trail.

      Small town who is really doing everything right and getting to be a wonderful dining destination in its own right. Train station is one block from Linden Avenue - home to Gianfranco's which is worthy of a trip any day of the week - and they are also open for lunch. Many other favorites on this mini-restuarant row too but Gianfranco's for us is the standout.

      So even visitors to Santa Barbara should keep in mind the handy Amtrak schedule to get you down there for lunch and back - with senior discounts if you qualify. Lovely trip, marred only by its brevity - about 15 minutes