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Oct 8, 2011 11:12 PM

Lunch Suggestions in Andheri Mumbai for Today?

I have one day here before I get on a plane back to the US. Mumbai is insanely crowded so I"m going to stay in the area, but would like suggestions for great restaurants here. I went to the Leela last night and tried Indian wines - that was a blast! Want to go to Trishna, but it's a 1.5 hour drive to the other side of the city. What is local? And, suggestions for shopping would be great too. I'd love a seafood restaurant by the way.....

7, R Walk Lane Mumbai Maharashtra, Maharashtra , IN

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  1. This is a few hours too late, I think.

    There is an excellent Oh, Calcutta in Versova / Lokhandwala area. This is an excellent chain with great seafood. One of the best restaurants in Mumbai. There is Gajalee in the west also where they serve liquor unlike the original in the east which is dry. Also Punjab Grill on Gulmohur road. The Mahesh at Juhu is the best one of the three branches in Mumbai.