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Oct 8, 2011 10:54 PM

can too much black pepper take the seasoning off of a wok?

mysteriously almost all the seasoning of my well-seasoned wok was stripped off today after i cooked a dish. i cooked this fine before.

this time i did add a lot more black pepper and also let it sit in the wok on low heat for about 20 minutes at the end of cooking. this dish is basically some green peppers and potatoes plus dark soysauce coated in gravy from deglaze.

there was NO vinegar lemon or tomatoes.

i am wondering maybe all the black pepper + dark soysauce in the gravy sitting in the wok stripped the seasoning? what could it have been?

also isn't the seasoning basically a bunch of smoked oil that could be a carcinogen?

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  1. Sorry. I don't have a confident answer, but I wont' remember ground black pepper ever strip of my seasoning from a wok.

    When you said that the seasoning come off, do you mean the seasoning looks uniformly thinner or do you mean the seasoning surface started to flake off.

    As for the carcinogen question, there was an old post on this:

    Are you asking the smoked oil during the seasoning process or are you asking the seasoning surface itself?

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      i chcked on websites and they all list black pepper as an acidic ingredient. d_acidic_foods.htm
      maybe it really was the excess black pepper and dark soysauce simmering for 40 minutes.

      i've seen plenty of thick spicy simmers done in a wok though (ie mapo tofu). maybe my seasoning wasn't strong enough. ill stick with stir fries for the wok and simmer stuff in an stainless to be safe in future

      as for the carcinogen thing I am referring to the actual seasoning that gets stuck on the pan, not the smoke during the seasoning process. i read that thread it seems like nobody knows for sure.