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Oct 8, 2011 10:15 PM

Any use for marinade liquid?

I never marinate because I hate to throw out all of that liquid full of yummy ingredients - but on the other hand, it's had raw meat soaking in it. So when I make a marinade, I usually throw as much as I can in with/on the meat and maybe cook some of the veggies in it, and then toss the rest. Any uses out there for the leftover liquid that I'm not thinking of?

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  1. I think if you have alot of marinade leftover -- even after using some for sauce or braising liquid -- then you are using too much marinade to begin with.

    Try marinating in a plastic bag.

    And, honestly, it's marinade -- basically water, salt, sugar and seasoning. Pretty cheap, inexpensive stuff. Unless you are marinating with saffron and truffles, no great loss.

    But then who am I to talk? I, of the "how to reuse hot dog water' ...

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      When marinating in a bag, squeeze out as much air as you can, then massage the meat around. You'll find that not much liquid is required. Put the bag into a container the proper size to keep the meat submerged, and flip the bag a couple of times while marinating.

      I reserve the raw marinade until the meat is cooked, then use it to deglaze the pan, simmering it for a few minutes to cook the juices, and then adding water, wine, broth, juice, or dairy to extend the volume of sauce/gravy and dilute the saltiness.

    2. You can boil it and baste with it, or use as a table sauce. After boiling you can freeze for future use.