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Oct 8, 2011 07:49 PM

Marben's Pig Night - Oct 30

I just ate at Marben tonight and when I was leaving I saw a "PIG NIGHT (or feast I don't remember) OCT 30". I didn't bother going back in to ask but now I'm curious. Anyone know what Pig night entails?

488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

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  1. I just know that they do it the last Sunday of every month. And that they roast a whole pig. Not sure if it is still a "pay per dish" or "pay flat rate" for dinner type thing though, I think it is the later but I forget where I could have read that now.

    1. I've been meaning to hit this up for MONTHS now. Sigh. Still haven't. I feel like it was some prix-fixe thing, but don't quote me on that. They changed up their website with "now, less information!" ... though I do like the feel of it.

      1. It's a prix fixe. I can't recall the price (maybe $24?) and you get a serving of the roast pig and a few sides. It's also been on my list for ages.

        1. We did the one in July. It was $25 per person & included Roast Pig meat and 2 sides each, served family-style. I believe we had the Fries, Green Beans, Corn, and another Carb, but I can't remember what (age, you know). I do remember they were out of Kale by the time we got there. We also got a Pitcher of Beer and did Dessert. For some reason I think it was included but again, I can't remember! I *do* remember that it was all good.

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            Yeah it's awesome, I went with some friends a couple months ago. Drinks weren't included when we went; I don't think dessert is included either. I don't think we got the corn, but we did get sweet potatoes and beans as some of our sides; everything we had was really good. I'd recommend reserving in advance, it was pretty full when we went.

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              Did the piggie night tonight..feeling VERY full at present. It was our first time to Marben and we were really impressed! Sat at the "chef's table" which was fun and made for a different dining vibe. Ate waaaay too much food (leftovers for lunch). Man, those fries rock. When we salivated over the cabbage rolls we saw being prepped for an upcoming special, they gave us one for dessert! Taxes in, a lot of food and 3 drinks = 80.00. We thought it was great value. The space itself is also really was packed too!

              488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA