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Oct 8, 2011 07:43 PM

Bouchon Bakery

Just tried the Kouign-Amann. Buttery and sugary and crispy and flaky. Almost like a croissant/pineapple upside down cake without the pineapple. Today we grabbed the last 4 and they were out at around 11:00 am.

Anyone else try it yet?

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  1. No, but had a good chocolate croissant the other day. Good free parking when you figure it out. Chocolate-heavy which impressed my four year old.

    1. Very small selection compared to Yountvile. What I have had has been ver, very good. Great brioche. I would like to hear about the free parking, as I found parking very expensive.

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        City of Beverly Hills Free Parking underground lot next to valet. This is where the valets park the car. We had lunch at Bar Bouchon today and easily self-parked our car. Entrances on Canon and Beverly

      2. Strangest description of Kouign-Amann I've ever heard, but oddly I kinda "get it."

        In my experience it is very rare for Keller's Bakeries anywhere in the US to turn out a sub-par version of any classic pastry and I therefore really look forward to tasting this one next month.

        1. Just had it this morning. Chickie described it as a cross between palmier / croissant. Someone mentioned the K-M was "too doughy", but I heartily disagree. This is easily one of the best pastries of any kind in LA. No doubt it's a sugar buttery bomb but... maybe once a quarter?

          1. Went there last Saturday at 11:01 but the person ahead of me, bought the last four they had. Can you imagine!? Pfappp!

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              Greedy people!!! I only bought 3 for myself. LOL