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Oct 8, 2011 07:39 PM

Great pancakes in L.A. please?

Staying in Culver City this wkend, but don't mind a road trip if you can suggest a place with the following:

Great pancakes (the creative sorta healthy kind: fruit, flour other than white-something a little different!)

Low-Brow: comfortable chairs that don't match; a 70's granola feel; sort of Birkenstock-y

GOOD COFFEE DONE like they mean it-French Press would be nice, but why be picky at this point?

So there's me doing my Sally impression. Although at home in Seattle my spouse and friends think she has nothing on me.
Thanks in advance for your input. If you can put coffee as the highest priority (surprise) and all of my other wants are impossible, caffeine rules. Thanks again.

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  1. I'd suggest The Griddle Cafe for the French Press coffee caveat. They aren't too healthy due to the size of the serving. They have a lot of creative choices, just order 1-2 and get there early since the wait can be long on Sunday.

    1. John O'Groats in West LA for seven grain pancakes. M Cafe in Beverly Hills makes them w/o white flour. BLD has blueberry ricotta pancakes and french press coffee mid-city. Doughboys in West Hollywood has blueberry flaxseed pancakes. Swingers in Santa Monica & mid-city has banana multi-grain panckaes and is low-brow.

      BLD Restaurant
      7450 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

      John O'Groats
      10516 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

      1. Whether or not you intended to do it, you have just described Metro Cafe to a tee (AND it's actually in Culver City!).

        Get thee to Metro Cafe and have the House Special Sauteed Banana pancakes. They're legendary.

        It's next to Travelodge. How's that for Birkenstock-y?

        Coffee pilgrimage in the area: Balconi Coffee, near the corner of Sawtelle & Olympic in nearby West LA. Just go.

        Balconi Coffee
        11301 W Olympic Blvd #124, Los Angeles, CA 90025

        1. Griddle Cafe. It isn't even close. Best pancakes I've had and in general I'm the sort to travel for them. Add in the endless refill French Press? I'll be back in LA in 5 weeks and back at Griddle Cafe in 5 weeks and one day. :-)

          1. Do crepes count? If so, another consideration around the Culver City area would be Le Petite Creperie on Grand View in Mar Vista. Nice crepes, French Press coffee, comfortable chairs that don't match, and maybe the Franco-fied version of Birkenstock-y. It's a husband/wife duo who take food and service seriously. The crepes can be a little slow in coming - the husband who is the chef takes an exacting hand and eye to his craft, but we like the results. The wife is very personable and this rounds out a nice experience. If you can embrace the slower pace of dining recognized and embraced in many European circles, you will probably enjoy LPC.