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Oct 8, 2011 07:32 PM

Sushi grade fish in Manly area

Staying with some friends in Sydney for a week, and as a thank you I want to cook them dinner. Looking for a fishmonger in Manly (or an easy commute on public transport) that has sushi grade fish available.

Can anyone recommend where to go?


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  1. There are some places at the Fish Market that do it, but if you want the best, then it's off to Wellstone in Willoughby - Shop 3, Market Place, 201-209 High Street, Willoughby.

    Wellstone's wholesale business supplies basically every good Japanese in Sydney, and this is their retail shop.

    BTW, your profile doesn't tell me where you are from which may influence what you mean by 'sushi grade'.

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Both the Fish Market and your suggestion of Wellstone, seem quite far from Manly. I'm not really familiar with Sydney and will be relying on public transport, so a bit worried about how manageable this would be.

      Are there no options closer to Manly?

      (BTW, I'm originally from Vancouver)

      1. re: NomadicFoodie

        I think it all depends what you're looking for.

        In Australia, sashimi grade really means how the fish is caught and handled - spiked, iced and filleted without running water. This is an expensive process and means, for example, it is almost impossible for me to buy in Melbourne. I believe in Canada it often refers to a freezing process.

        If what you mean is really good quality fresh fish, then I suggest pick a good looking fishmonger in Manly and have fish filleted to direction without running water. Or just pick some really fresh fish on their recommendation.

        1. re: mr_gimlet

          Basically looking for tuna and salmon to be eaten raw.

        2. re: NomadicFoodie

          Technically the Fish Market is reachable by public transport, but this will require taking the ferry from Manly (30 minute trip), and then either a 15-minute walk down to the monorail, to catch that to the Harbourside stop, and then another 10-minute walk. Or catch the train from Circular Quay down to Central, and then the light rail to the Fish Market stop. If you will be in the city for some other reason, sight-seeing or whatnot, then it's not too hard to add on a trip to the Fish Markets, but if you're coming all the way from Manly just for the fish, it will be a full half-day excursion. In that case you might do best to just get takeaway from a local restaurant.

          Willoughby is geographically much closer to Manly, but you'd need a car or taxi to reach that location.

          Another option in the CBD for sushi-grade salmon and tuna might be the food halls at David Jones. I'm sorry I can't offer any suggestions closer to Manly. I do recall a fairly decent fish seller in the underground shopping centre at North Sydney train station (don't recall the name), but I think North Sydney might be almost as difficult to get to from Manly on public transport as the fish markets in Pyrmont. Manly is just unfortunately kind of geographically remote, from a public transport perspective.

          1. re: gemuse

            Good buses from Manly to North Sydney (the bus lane across the spit bridge helps). Best public transport to fish market is to take a ferry to Darling Harbour and get off near the Maritime Museum and walk over to the Market - not far. Both the fish shop in North Sydney and DJ's are branches of Costi's IIRC - but I don't believe either sell sashimi grade. Mr G's recommendations are the best the fish market has a few places that sell a wide range of sashimi grade fish - can't think of a great shop in Manly but there must be one.

            1. re: PhilD

              Thanks guys... will keep looking and see what I find, but if it ends up being too complicated I might just change my menu plan instead.

              1. re: PhilD

                Ok, mapped it out with the Sydney Ferries site and it doesn't seem as difficult as I first thought to get to the Fish Market... it is a bit far (about and hour and 20mins) but might be a nice way to see Sydney from the water.

                Also does anyone know if the Manly Fish Market/Cafe actually sells fish, or are they really just a restaurant rather than a market?

                1. re: NomadicFoodie

                  Hi there, Manly Fish Market & cafe is pretty decent and would give them a go before I venture to the city. It's a fishmongers and a cafe. It has a good selection of fish and with all places it would be worth calling them prior to place an order. I've bought from there several times and have never been disappointed by the quality.

                  In addition, you have a small fish chop called Mongers just round the corner from the above place. They generally do fish & chips to go, but the quality is excellent. Again worth giving them a call..

                  So in short, while the Fish Market in Pyrmont is reliable and excellent, you've got some potentially decent options nearby.

                  Good luck

                  1. re: fergal76

                    Oh and while I'm thinking about fish, I have another option to get sushi grade fish if you don't want to travel to the city. In Neutral Bay there's a place called Fine Fish. You won't find better quality fish, but you will pay for it. They sell fish specifically for sashimi.

                    It is a 25min bus journey from Manly, bus no.144 etc. there's a bus every 15mins or so. So that's your guaranteed option if you don't want to go the city

                    1. re: fergal76

                      Thanks so much, looks like I have some options.

                      Will have a look around Manly once we arrive on the weekend and see what I can find. Then I'll decide how far I want to travel.


        3. Just thought I'd give an update. I ended up going to the Sydney fishmarket as I just couldn't find much in Manly. I was actually quite surprised at the lack of fish options in the area.

          Anyway.. it ended up being a nice way to see some of Sydney that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten to see, but I definitely wouldn't want to make that trip too often if I lived there. Probably just for special occasions.

          Thanks again for all the help!

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