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Oct 8, 2011 07:10 PM

Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic - No Oktoberfest Menu This Year?

Just wondered what happened to the WAH Oktoberfest menu this year...

Waterfront Ale House
155 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. Hi BrookBoy

    We absolutely DO HAVE an Octoberfest menu in our Brooklyn location for a few weeks. Please join us for your favorite German specials and excellent Beers.

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    1. re: alehouse

      Thanks for the reply. We did, in fact, stop by and Saturday and avail ourselves of some of that excellent grub. Probably going to do the same next weekend.

      What happened to the long-time regular Saturday bartender? He wasn't there and it looked and sounded like he won't be back.

      Thanks again for the tip on the menu...

      1. re: BrookBoy

        was the meat platter on there? god, i never liked liverwurst except for waterfront ale house.

        1. re: sam1

          Yes we have the octoberfest platter with the liverwurst. Come by and enjoy....will run for about another week.

        2. re: BrookBoy

          Do you mean the bartender with the pony tail BrookBoy? It so, that is sad news indeed. Can I ask what makes you say he is no longer there ? :( I am not questioning your statement it is just sad to me to hear he is gone...

          1. re: buzz t

            Nope, Buzz, the bartender I mean has/had no ponytail. He was the regular Friday and Saturday daytime bartender for quite a long time. Then a few Saturdays ago he wasn't there. Instead Peter, the Irish bartender, was working. When I asked Peter what happened to the regular guy, he said that he won't be back, didn't elaborate.

            I was just wondering what happened, given how long he had been there. He could be somewhat curmudgeonly, like the late, great Andy Rooney, but I had gotten to know him over time and looked forward to seeing him. Oh well...

            1. re: BrookBoy

              Gaid was his name, a reduction in force I'm afraid

              1. re: jakeyd

                Thank you, Jakey, for the reply. That certainly explains it. I wasn't sure if something had happened to him.

        3. re: alehouse

          You ought to sell your sauerkraut by the container. I love sauerkraut, but the stuff I've been eating has been mediocre at best (and not edible at worst). I didn't realize how mediocre it was until I got a taste of yours.

          Some of those fine German sausages sprinkled in mounds of that sauerkraut is as good as it gets. With the right beer, of course.

          I know the Octoberfest menu comes to an end soon, but surely you can continue to make and serve that sauerkraut.

        4. I know I should probably put this in a new thread, but it's about the Waterfront Ale House, so here goes. I've been going there for years, though I am by no means a regular. I was sort of a regular at the manhattan branch when I lived in that neighborhood for a couple of years.

          The food is consistently at least "good," and sometimes "really really good." I've probably had most things on their menu. But at a recent visit my friends and I finally came to this conclusion: the pickles they serve with their sandwiches are awful. Terrible. They always have been. Why can't they make/buy better pickles?

          Am I the only one who feels this way?

          Waterfront Ale House
          155 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201