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Oct 8, 2011 05:06 PM

Private Chef

Anyone know of a good private chef for a small dinner party?

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  1. Four questions for you. How soon do you need him? What kind of food are you thinking of? Exactly how do you define a 'small dinner party' ? Who provides the foods for your dinner party, you or him? I've got a chef in mind, and these are always HIS questions ?

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      November 5th for 6 -8 people. We prefer food prepared with sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. This may be a planning party for a trip to Italy, so we might be leaning in that direction in terms of type of cuisine, but that will not be critical. We have a vertical of cabs that will probably shape what is prepared for the main course, but otherwise we are open. I would prefer not to shop for the food, if possible, and we have a fairly well stocked pantry for incidental items/spices. The most important thing is we want great food.