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Oct 8, 2011 12:59 PM

Pizza week

When my husband and I lived in Baltimore, we did a Pizza Week in which we tried as many great pizza places as possible, usually in the company of friends, both out and at home. We're looking to replicate PIzza Week in Seattle. The only requirements are that it not be places we've tried before, so Serious Pie, Tutta Bella, Pagliacci and Via Tribunali are out. Some pizza places serve pies that aren't nearly as good once you get them home, while others travel well, so if you know that to be the case, mention it. We live in QA but will drive for the cause (probably only up to a half-hour, so we can get my kid to bed at a reasonable hour). I prefer thin crust, but won't rule anything out. Thanks!

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  1. Bambino's, Delancey, Flying Squirrel are some of my favorites.
    Maybe Kylie's for deep dish and Northlake for a unique pizza that's hard to explain.

    Bar Del Corso and Queen Margharita are on my list to try.

    1415 NW 70th St, Seattle, WA 98117

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      Bambino's is my favorite and Queen Margherita is also one that I tried recently and was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked it more than Tutta Bella or Via Trib in the Neapolitan pizza dept.

      Varlamos Pizza is a place I think has a good pizza but doesn't seem to be on anybodies radar. Delfino's in U-village is worth a try for the stuffed spinach pie.

      Crash Landing is on my to try list as is Pegasus.

      I'm a QA res, too and I noticed Domani as a recently opened option on the top of the hill. I'm hoping to try it sometime. I've also heard good things about Uno in Lake City but haven't tried it yet. Kylie's is also on my to try list. I've heard some swear by The Rock but while I've made to Lucali in Carroll Gardens [Great but John's on Bleecker is still my favorite] I still haven't motivated enough to make to Lynnwood for pizza.

      I will say that if possible you really have to eat it there as I don't really think any pizza travels that well. Bambino's is best there though holds up pretty well. Bambino's has such good cheap Happy Hour beer that it's really worth making the effort to go at HH and have a pizza and one a $2.50 beer, they select excellent beers for their taps. Queen M would be a definite eat in.

      In the Seattle icon department I would say that Northlake Tavern is a Seattle institution that has been around for years and back in the 80s I thought it was pretty darn great but on a more recent visit I thought, "what the hell was wrong with me back in the 80s?!" It's one of those pure poundage things and the Logger is the kind of pizza that college memories are made of. With that in mind it might be worth a try to find out what we natives had as a reference point for great pizza when we were growing up.

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        It has been discussed before and it is like a cheap NY pizza parlor with the thinnest crust imaginable in Westlake Village shopping center in W Seattle. No ambiance and the crust is so thinkthat I don't know how well it would support more toppings than cheese,which all I tried. But it is at the top of my list, especially for a large slice for only $2.00. Not gourmet, just good!

    2. here are some choices for you-most i consider pretty good. i'm not form N.Y. though.
      elliot bay pizza co.-on queen anne hill-good for a slice or 2
      veraci-ballard-one of my faves
      santorini-in wedgwood-a hidden gem
      pudge bros.-good take out slices and pies
      piecora's-on e. madison-ny style pizza
      big mario's-on e. pike-good but i still think a work in progress
      zayda buddy's-ballard-i have not tried but my uncle thinks it is delicious
      mod pizza-broadway on cap. hill and 6th ave dwntwn-small(9in?) pies thin crust all pies one price. can be slow service.
      zeek's-good for slices or pies. a local chain some may disagree but i enjoy.
      jet city-thicker, heavier pies but for a pick up or delivery(if close enough)they sre good. a bit spendy though.
      imo, do not waste your time going to west seattle(westlake village) to giannino's. really poor quality ingredients and awful crust.
      and if your up for an adventure, my fave slices currently are in downtown issaquah at flying pie pizzeria. custom made slices that are quite large. 2 is my limit.
      let us all know about your final destinations.

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      1. re: bighound

        Zayda Buddy's is notable for serving Midwestern-style (they call it Minnesota-style but you get the same thing in Indiana & Illinois) "party cut" (i.e. round pizza cut into square slices) thin crust pizza. Definitely different from any other place locally.

        Flying Squirrel is excellent - and right now they have a fig, arugula, & prosciutto pie that's to die for. We also like the Charles and the #2 (pepperoni & fresh garlic)

        Big Marios is like a good NY slice joint. They use the right kind of pepperoni (the small-diameter Hormel product that turns into juicy cups on the pie.)

        1. re: bighound

          Thanks, everyone, for great suggestions. I guess I have to rule out Veraci, since I eat their slices at the QA market a lot, and my husband frequents Elliott Bay. Carryout is inevitable at some point because of our kid. I think the first pizza week was pleasurable because I was pregnant. Not sure if my stomach will be so forgiving this time around. But I am nothing if not committed.

        2. To clarify twinsue & bighound, the shopping center in West Seattle (technically Delridge because it is East of 35th) is WestWOOD Village, not Westlake. I still haven't tried the pizza there.

          Phoenicia on Alki has incredibly delicious dough but can be a little scant with the toppings, leaving a rather wide rim.

          1. I like Zeek's (across the street from 5 Spot). The crust is light and not too bready.

            1. My current thinking for best pizza in the city is Independent in Madison Park, followed by delancy.

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                Ditto on Independent Pizzeria. It's open Wednesday-Sunday.