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Oct 8, 2011 10:50 AM

Amsterdam for one night only

I have an overnight layover in Amsterdam. I haven't been there in over eight years, so naturally I'm really excited to check it out now. Unfortunately, I will only be there on a Sunday night, which apparently is the night that most restaurants are closed. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a nice Sunday night dinner?


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  1. Hi Monique,

    Sunday is indeed not easy in Amsterdam, so I wrote a post on my blog about recommendations for restaurants open on Sunday.

    Restaurant As: - International
    Restaurant Blauw: - Indonesian
    Restaurant Fyra: - International
    Hotel de Goudfazant: - French

    A pretty good selection, I think. So there is hope!


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      I had an excellent dinner at Restaurant As two years ago, also on a Sunday. At the time, it was a set menu. It was fabulous, and cheap -- so much better (in terms of atmosphere and preparation) than my dinner the next night at De Kas. My husband, a few months ago on a business trip, also had a lovely dinner on a Sunday night at Lestage. That was his second time there, and will return on his next trip. The only issue with Restaurant As is that it's not centrally located. We took a taxi. Lestage is more central.

    2. I'm in and out of Amsterdam quite often and have had a chance to experience a variety of different foods and places. A good steak is hard to find in Amsterdam. I'd consider" Peit de leeum" @ Noorderstrat 11, and Grachtengordel ph 6237181.Frank and his staff do a wonderful job. The Dover Sole is also excelent, open on Sundays 5 to 12.Take trams 16,24,25. or perhaps "The Old Bell" it's located in the Rembrandtplen accross from the bronze statues fellows Classic dutch and European fare perhaps the house cat will grace you with her presence, Ah Amsterdam enjoy.

      1. Thre is an AMAZING restaurant called Pompa. It is by Museumplatz, where the van gogh museum and IAMSTERDAM sign is.
        We came across it because locals were sitting outside, waiting for a table.
        I had the caeser salad, my friend had really good SEARED tuna. We went back twice. Also the price doesn't breka the bank!