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Oct 8, 2011 10:06 AM

Best Fish and Chips in St. John's

I will be going to St. John's Newfoundland next month and thought that I would re-open the debate as to where to go for the best fish and chips - Ches, Leo's, somewhere else? What do you folks think?

I remember a place on Water Street that I went to about 10 years ago - downtown, at a corner as I recall, that had really nice light crispy batter and moist fish, but darned if I can remember what the place was called. Defintely wasn't Leo's or Ches.

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  1. My votes are Duke of Duckworth and By the Beach in Portugal Cove-St. Phillips. Both have great fish!

    1. You are thinking of the Galley, jcontario, and it has been closed for a number of years now. It was rather good indeed.

      Annlachelle's recommendations of the Duke of Duckworth in town and By the Beach in nearby St. Philip's are both on the money. I find that By the Beach is much better, but you'll need a car to get out there. Leo's is also worth checking out.

      Be prepared for sticker shock, as even simple dishes like fish and chips have shot up in cost in Newfoundland over the last few years.

      1. Dicks' Fish and Chips on Bell Island. The Big R & By The Beach are good too. And of course, Ziggy Peelgood's truck (parked near George Street, Churchill Square and Water St).

        I'm in the minority but Ches' was never my favourite.

        The place you're thinking about on Water might have been Verna's Place?

        1. Wild Horses, found on the corner of the road leading down to the Bell Island ferry in Portugal Cove, is also pretty good and it doesn't suffer from the crazy lines and crowding that one finds at By the Beach.