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Oct 8, 2011 09:34 AM

Pumpkin Martinis - or other fall specialty drinks - in Media

Greetings Chowhounds,
Does anyone know where to find a pumpkin martini, or other specialty autumn drinks, in or around Media?

We've found good ones in Center City and on the Main Line but need to stick to the Media area for this outing.


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  1. When we lived in Media a couple years ago, we'd go to either Iron Hill or Quotations, both on State St., for fall specialty drinks. For dh it was the pumpkin beer, tho', so I can't speak to the martinis. There was also a place just a few doors down from Quotations - I think called Brodeur's? - that probably would have the martinis. But we didn't think their food was very good.

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    1. I don't know of any places with specific pumpkin martinis, but have found really tasty and creative martinis at both Stephens on State and at Picasso. Stephen's has a tiramisu martini that is to die for!

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        I called a bunch of Media restaurants on 10/8 and was lucky to get the owner of Stephen's on State on the phone - they went out and bought the fixin's and had two recipes to choose from by the time we arrived! They were delicious, and I imagine they'll be making them all during the fall season, if anyone's interested. Thanks laurachohenromano & jessicheese, I appreciate the info!

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          Thats some serious customer service! Glad that they were able to help. I'll have to tell my friends about it.

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            Agreed about that being serious customer service! Glad to hear that, I'd forgotten about Stephen's.

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            Wow, what great CS! I'm trying to remember if I've ever been to Stephen's. I think I have... Maybe pre-children? LOL Do they have good food there?

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              At Stephen's we only had a few apps and moved on to Azie for dinner, but the apps were decent. Had philly cheesesteak egg rolls and I forget the other one! I'd give them a B+/A-.

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                I can't comment on the food. We usually head there post dinner for their weekend entertainment. It's cheesy and a total guilty pleasure of my friends and I.

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                  The times we have eaten at Stephens which has been awhile now we found the food to be good but a little pricier than other places we go to.

            2. I would also love to know where one can get a pumpkin or pumpkin pie martini! My friend who is a bartender makes one but hasn't given me the recipe yet.