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Oct 8, 2011 09:01 AM

Coconut oil in North Milwaukee burbs?

I used to buy a lot of the Koepsells coconut oil for both popping popcorn and "bathtub fizzies", but apparently it is not being sold locally anymore. Has anyone seen any coconut oil in Milwaukee's north 'burbs?

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  1. Found some at Outpost today - however at MUCH MORE than what I would consider the "normal" price. Outpost jars started at $9.99 and went up from there for what I had been paying $3.99 for. Of course, the outpost jars have the appropriate buzz words - : "Organic" "Sustainable" "Free Range (sorry - I couldn't resist)"

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    1. re: exvaxman

      LOL @ "free range"

      I'm not from Milwaukee, but I'd wager to guess that you probably have a decent Indian grocery store in the area? Any good Indian grocer will sell coconut oil, super cheap. This is a good brand:

      1. re: jjspw

        Great idea - I had hit the Asian stores by me that also carry Indian food, but had not thought of that. Gives me an excuse to stock up on some less expensive spices as well.

        1. re: exvaxman

          Southeast Asian stores might have it too. And totally agree about stocking up on the less expensive spices. Always amuses me when I see people dropping tons of cash on tiny little amounts of spices that I can get a huge sack of at the Indian market for $3.99!

          1. re: jjspw

            Score - both Indian stores in my area had some. Also unloaded for a lot of spices.
            So now I can do popcorn the old fashioned "correct way" and a bunch of cub scouts where my kid is den leader can make bath bombs for their mothers.

            1. re: exvaxman

              Sweet! So glad you found it! Indian stores have been the answer to so many of my ingredient/price issues. :-)

              1. re: exvaxman

                Which Indian store did you find it at? The only one I am familiar with is the one that sells some good Indian food products and, oddly, Indian porno videos.

                1. re: Fowler

                  Two of them, there is one off of Silver Spring that is my favorite, close to I-45.
                  As you travel west on Silver Spring, turn right at the gas station/Greek Eatery. It will be before the hill on the left. Good selection of spices. A while back I took a friend here who had been buying at Penzy's. She said tha she would have saved hundreds by going here. Very nice people as well.
                  Taj Grocery‎
                  5597 North Lovers Lane Road
                  Milwaukee, WI 53225-3007
                  (414) 462-3946

                  The other had the oil in the jars that I am used to. They are located across from Mayfair Mall. This was my first time there. I really did not look around, there was a lady who pointed me right to what I wanted, but the man on the register was more interested in talking on the phone then checking me out. I do have a friend who swears by them though.
                  Indian Groceries and Spices
                  10633 W North Ave , Milwaukee , WI 53226

                  There is a small third store that I like, but did not have the chance to try on Brown Deer Road. Where the Blockbuster used to be. Next to Radio Shack.
                  When my kid wants a spicy rice dish I usually have stocked up from this place:
                  6800 west brown deer road. Small place, very nice man running it.

                  When I am down by the airport and have a need, there is a Pakastani grocery that the people are very nice at as well. It is next to this place:
                  Dera Pakistani Grill‎
                  869 West Layton Avenue
                  Milwaukee, WI 53221
                  If you are in the area, right in front of the strip mall was some sort of place with a medieval theme - they had a very nice bourbon steak and the fries and onion strings were very good. Service was good two of the three times I was there. However, I haven't been there for a year or so.

                  1. re: exvaxman

                    >> Two of them, there is one off of Silver Spring that is my favorite, close to I-45.

                    I think you mean US-45. :)

                    1. re: nsxtasy

                      I stand corrected. :)
                      For those of us that used to visit Boelter before they cut back on what they had and moved to Glendale (which is a great store, but they cut back on what I buy), the back way into TAJ is past the old boelter store. Nice people (as you can tell, this is what I base a LOT of my revisit the place reviews on) but they dropped a few of the items I went there to purchase and I had to go internet.

                    2. re: exvaxman

                      Thanks for all of the details, exvaxman! I always love to learn about little ethnic places in the metro area. It sounds like I have some new places now to visit soon.

                      I also knew exactly what you meant when you said "I-45".

                2. re: jjspw

                  There are also 2 Indian grocery stores in Brookfield. Both likely to have coconut oil.

                  One is next to the Taste of Indian restaurant at the back of one of the strip malls on Bluemound (the one with Potbelly's).

                  The 2nd is also in a strip mall on Bluemound but a bit furth west and on the south side. The one with Health Hut, Mi Cocina, and the goft store. Sri Gayathri Foods.

                  1. re: VintageGrace

                    Thanks, I don't get out that way very often anymore, I will have to stop in.
                    Wow, years ago I used to go to health hut. I am assuming the food store went in where the pawn store went out.

          2. Woodman's on 124th and Bradley sells various brands of coconut oil in the organic aisle. I didn't note the price, as I am still working on the 32 oz jar of Nutiva that I bought online a couple of years ago.

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            1. re: bmkealu

              I regularly shop there for staples, I just usually skip the "organic" isle due to costs. I will have to check it out next time.

              1. re: bmkealu

                I hate to say it but the Woodman's prices are awful for the oil. (I went this morning). Only thing (outside of their only OK meat dept) that I dislike. That and never enough checkouts open unless you go early Sunday morning (like I do).

              2. Coconut oil sighting last week, exvaxman...

                Whole Foods on the East Side. It is their 365 house brand. Apparently fair trade, fresh pressed, virgin* as well as organic coconut oil.

                Maybe worth a try someday.

                *We all are aware of the "truth in labeling" laws but I find it offensive that Whole Foods or their henchmen distributors would ask female coconuts to prove they are virgins. So what if those coconuts are not virgins? Does it really make a difference??

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                1. re: Fowler

                  Thanks, but I'd rather give Outpost the money. I am not a fan of how Whole Foods works as a company and their inflated prices.

                  1. re: exvaxman

                    Shucks...I was not advocating Whole Foods but was just mentioning that I noticed the virgin coconut oil there and given the choice I would probably or likely give Outpost my business.

                    I do not know how Whole Foods "works as a company". Are they force feeding their employees and harvesting their livers as foie gras? :-)

                    1. re: Fowler

                      My disagreement is with the founder - if you read a number of the business articles on him, well, anything I could say would be slanderous. He has been accused and caught of doing many things that are borderline. Consumerist also had an article about how lots of produce comes in packages and are removed and put into more "it looks like it came from a farm" carriers.

                      I will say that when my father was alive I used to take him there so he could get some of the things from the olive bar. Still - even compared to Fresh Market they are expensive for the same items. I was once asked to leave when going through prices with him - on what he was trying to get could be had (much) cheaper elsewhere. When I asked in a loud voice if I was being asked to leave for saving someone on a fixed income money (in a loud voice) they backed down.

                2. I noticed that Pick 'n Save now carries coconut oil. It is the Spectrum brand and is organic. Probably not free range though. I have heard the coconut farmers hang the nuts from trees and do not allow them to run around as they please.

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                  1. re: Fowler

                    Great! Which PNS? I ask because because going into a PNS with their understaffed checkouts is like going into one of the gates of h*ll. i could walk to a local "better" PNS but choose to drive to sendiks, woodman's, the pig, fresh market, trader joes, gfs, cermak, walmart, etc. anyone that staffs their checkouts as opposed to the incredibly poor service at pns. Both myself and a neighbor were told by the local PNS service counter "f-off" on different days because we wanted to buy newspapers and they didn't want to deal with a small purchase like that at the "service" counter. Sorry for the rant, but pns stinks with their poor attitude to customers, increasing the generic items that cost the same as name brands elsewhere, having to check expiration dates on every item and never stocking sales items. Not to mention bogus games like the fake monopoly game where nobody won anything of consequence.

                    Woodman's was closing out a brand last month in their organic section. It was close to the old koepsell's price. Unfortunatly I ran out using it the last Boy Scout service weekend. That and a whole gallon of popcorn from the distributer in (Pleasant Prairie?) .

                    1. re: exvaxman

                      I saw that Super Walmart had coconut oil as well.

                      1. re: Living4fun

                        Awesome! Which one and what isle? The one I go to for tongue (germantown) I haven't seen it.

                      2. re: exvaxman

                        I saw the coconut oil at the PNS in Grafton but I think the PNS stores (with the exception of the ones designated as "Metro Markets") all stock most of the same items.

                        Sorry to hear about your troubles with PNS. Their service seems to vary wildly based upon location. I think the manager of the one in Pewaukee is in a competition with the manager of the one on Port Washington Road to see who can piss off the most customers in a calendar year. On the other hand, I have had good luck with the Pabst Farms location as well as the one in downtown Milwaukee. The only issue I have had with all PNS locations is that I have to check my receipt to make certain I was actually charged the sale price on sale items. I have lost count of how many times they have charged me the full price and not the sale price. There have even been instances where I have called to their attention that I was overcharged and they admit there is a "computer glitch" they are aware of. So they are aware of it, they just chose to do nothing about it and hope some old lady does not notice.

                        I laughed when you mentioned the monopoly game. They also ran a promotion many years ago that if the Badger score ended (for example) in a 7, you would get 5% off your bill on the following Monday. So one week the game would end up 28 to 7 and they would say, "Well, the Badgers actual score ended in an 8, not a 7 so you do not get the 5% off". Then the next week the game would end up 17 to 3 and they would say, "well the total Badger game score did not end in a 7 so you do not get the 5% off".

                        I will save my PNS “buy one, get one free” rant for another day. :-)

                        Have a nice Thanksgiving exvaxman.

                        1. re: Fowler

                          You have a great Holiday as well!
                          I plan on only going out to distribute scout wreaths over the next four days.

                          My only issue with the pns by Pabst Farms are some of the customers who seem to think that they are "entitled". But when at the scout camps there I only have to run there for last second issues. Like running out of popcorn topping a couple of weeks ago.
                          Wave "hi" the next time you go past the PNS on Port. I'm right nearby.

                    2. Another recent sighting, exvaxman. Costco has 56 ounce jars of organic coconut oil for $15.99. I did not recognize the brand name but it was definitely not the house brand which is Kirkland Signature. Since it is not the Kirkland Signature brand it may just be a one-off ("when it's gone, it's gone") and not something they regularly stock.

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                      1. re: Fowler

                        Thanks! I no longer have a Costco membership but I will have a neighbor look for me. At that price I might donate a jar to the Cub Scout troop my kid is den leader of so they can make bath bombs as a Mother's Day gift.