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Oct 8, 2011 08:56 AM

The Kitchen 'Show' Sponge...

The real workhorse sponge is all dirty and nasty and doesn't look pretty in my kitchen, so I keep a
'show' sponge as we like to call it and the sponge I use, is underneath the kitchen sink to live it's life with no pride and happiness of all its accomplishments of getting down and dirty with that sauce pan, the burnt on cheese in the skillet that is all over my sponge...

I love seeing my clean never used sponge in all it's glory...
Do you all have a 'show' sponge?

Kind of like the towels in the powder room...
; )

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  1. No, but I have a "show" potholder. My real potholders are stained and burned, but this one potholder is a lovely, clean pale green.

    1. No-but I do have a show dish towel that was a little side Christmas gift. It hangs over the stove handle. I never use it, but my guests always want to dry their hands on it. :)

      Sponges I just change out frequently. My brother, on the other hand likes to keep one for dishes and one for the counters--he gets very edgy when you use the wrong one for the wrong purpose. He thinks what goes against the dishes should be to be the cleaner/newere/better of the two. I say, just keep your sponge clean and use it for everything.

      There was a funny, funny article about couples in Boston Globe Magazine one Sunday many months back. (The last page article is always a rumination on couples) Told the tale of a woman who had to learn hor BFs sponge priority scale--first dishes, then it graduates to counters, then floors, etc. When she met his former GF, former GF said-"Oh, you've mastered his arcane sponge hierarchy, good for you--must be meant for eachother" (or some such thing). Very funny.

      Come to think of it, I do keep and older, used sponge for floors. LOL.

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      1. re: SeaSide Tomato

        My mother would be a perfect match for that particular BF but she takes it a step further. She has a dedicated dish sponge. It is to be used for NOTHING else. During his first visit to my parent's house, Mr. CB used it to wipe something off the floor and I thought she would have a stroke. My dad's fit of laughter didn't help the situation. (Dad never touched the sponge, he was "educated")

        I don't have sponges. I used dish rags and change them with every meal, meaning they are only used for a short period of time and then are washed in hot bleach water. I have a week's supply.

        I don't have "show" things. Considering my sponge upbringing, I am surprised that I was never taught to not use the nice hand towels in the guest bathrooms. It never occured to me to not use them. I do, however, think the seasonal ones were silly. Now that I have a child, I understand the appeal.

        1. re: SeaSide Tomato

          I have a fourth, and final, tier: cat pan scrubber. After a few bouts of that, the sponge (Dobie actually) is allowed to retire. I almost died when I caught my husband using that one to wash his hands one day, though!

          1. re: coll

            We have dedicated cat dishes/pans and tablespoons that are "real" that I picked up for pennies at an outlet. I had to stifle a scream when I saw my mother (Mrs. Germ-o-phob) using the cat's plate and spoon during Thanksgiving dinner.

            This items are kept in a seperate place from the rest of the kitchen stuff. I have no idea why she would have sought them out and used them in lieu of the stuff that was already set out. I had to pry them from her grasp before my husband saw her. He never would have let her live it down.

        2. Isn't this 'Not About Food'?

          I replace the dish sponge pretty frequently. I don't have a show sponge but I do have decorative towels hanging on the oven handle.

          I am paranoid about dish sponges because I had an incident as a guest at someone's house once. I was pregnant so my sense of smell was very, very strong. I was visiting a friend's family home and her parents had this tatty dish sponge by the sink. I could smell it and it looked horrible. I just imagined it scrubbing the dishes and it made me feel that they were contaminated with germs from it. (Pregnancy can make you a bit neurotic, too.) Anyway, one morning I entered the kitchen and could smell the putrid sponge. The odor went straight to the back of my throat. Due to morning sickness combined with the strong sense of smell, I immediately had to throw up. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. They didn't notice. But their stinky sponge had made me throw up. I felt rude as a guest but that morning I told the older sister in the house "Oh, looks like you should put out a new sponge." She didn't take offense at all and just said, "I think you're right!" And tossed it away and pulled out a new one. Since then I have been very meticulous about throwing away sponges frequently, and washing dish rags and kitchen towels in my own kitchen.

          1. No sponges in our house. We use a kitchen scrub brush for any dishwashing and then rinse it off and put it in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes. I keep a drawer full of plain white dish towels for everything else like wiping off the counters, drying dishes, etc. No "show" towels here....ever since I watched my sister in law wipe up some water that dripped off the floor and then resume drying dishes.

            1. I throw away my sponge every week or two. I just buy big packages of them at a wholesale club. I run the sponge I'm using through the dishwasher a couple of times during its short life and if it smells bad, I boil it in the microwave.