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Oct 8, 2011 08:02 AM

Delicious Food Show

The Delicious Food Show is a new event coming to Toronto October 20-23 at The Better Living Centre. Does anyone know what to expect here? Is it worth going? Thoughts?


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  1. There was another thread on this but hard to find it because of the thread title. Link here:

    But might be worthwhile to continue discussion in your thread because of the title of old one.

    Anyway, I ended up getting the Dealfind deal for 2 for 1 tickets. My suggestion would be to keep an eye out for other deal on tickets because if you have to pay for admission price I am not sure if it will be "worth it". I will try post about my experiences after the show (not sure which day I will be going yet).

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      YLSF when did this Dealfind offer come up?? I was hoping to get 2 for 1 deal for the show.. Can't believe I missed it!

      1. re: famke

        September 23rd. I posted about it in the other thread but I guess it got lost in the forum because of the "mysterious title" ... If I see any other deals I will post it in this thread.

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          Thanks. I had found that 'mysterious title' when it first was posted but lost it, searched and searched and never found it back.

    2. Groupon has a 2-for-1 deal.. only 15 more people need to buy!

      1. The "VIP" event got a good review by a user on RFD...

        See his post here:

        1. Anyone go yesterday? Heading down today and will post up my findings tonight.

          1. Show was pretty decent. Not a huge show (In the Better Living centre) so seemed like a lot less floor ground than something like the One of a Kind show but the food area was bigger than the food section at the One of A Kind. A lot of similar vendors as One of A Kind because of the show being put on by the same people but some other vendors as well. I ended up spending most of the day there, I took advantage of the various talks/demos and I found the value in that. Oyster shucking, molecular gastronomy, caviar, salmon curing, etc. Got some free vodka too. Tried a bunch of random samples, bought some food items to take home but pretty much just ate on samples. Le Societe was set up as a "bistro" type thing with patio furniture, etc. I didn't take a look at their food but I saw their pricing was pretty high. Curious how it was if anyone tried it.
            For the 2 for 1 price I would say it was worth it, a good entertaining day.