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Delicious Food Show

The Delicious Food Show is a new event coming to Toronto October 20-23 at The Better Living Centre. Does anyone know what to expect here? Is it worth going? Thoughts?


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  1. There was another thread on this but hard to find it because of the thread title. Link here:


    But might be worthwhile to continue discussion in your thread because of the title of old one.

    Anyway, I ended up getting the Dealfind deal for 2 for 1 tickets. My suggestion would be to keep an eye out for other deal on tickets because if you have to pay for admission price I am not sure if it will be "worth it". I will try post about my experiences after the show (not sure which day I will be going yet).

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      YLSF when did this Dealfind offer come up?? I was hoping to get 2 for 1 deal for the show.. Can't believe I missed it!

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        September 23rd. I posted about it in the other thread but I guess it got lost in the forum because of the "mysterious title" ... If I see any other deals I will post it in this thread.

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          Thanks. I had found that 'mysterious title' when it first was posted but lost it, searched and searched and never found it back.

    2. Groupon has a 2-for-1 deal.. only 15 more people need to buy!

      1. The "VIP" event got a good review by a user on RFD...

        See his post here:

        1. Anyone go yesterday? Heading down today and will post up my findings tonight.

          1. Show was pretty decent. Not a huge show (In the Better Living centre) so seemed like a lot less floor ground than something like the One of a Kind show but the food area was bigger than the food section at the One of A Kind. A lot of similar vendors as One of A Kind because of the show being put on by the same people but some other vendors as well. I ended up spending most of the day there, I took advantage of the various talks/demos and I found the value in that. Oyster shucking, molecular gastronomy, caviar, salmon curing, etc. Got some free vodka too. Tried a bunch of random samples, bought some food items to take home but pretty much just ate on samples. Le Societe was set up as a "bistro" type thing with patio furniture, etc. I didn't take a look at their food but I saw their pricing was pretty high. Curious how it was if anyone tried it.
            For the 2 for 1 price I would say it was worth it, a good entertaining day.

            1. Just getting time to post now. We went on Thursday for the opening night party. Tickets were $35 each in advance and IMHO, definitely not worth the price. Folks purchasing tickets that night were being charged an outrageous $45. The show start time was posted as 7pm. We arrived around 7:30 to learn that only the first 400 guests were given a burlap shopping bag. No idea what, if anything was in it. . . interested to hear if anyone knows. Anyway, for the price of admission, everyone should have been given one or, at least they should have communicated this in advance.

              There was a booth in the entrance offering a free tall-boy can of beer matched w a Canadian cheese. At 8pm a "So you think you can cook" show was performed and Southbook wines offered complimentary wine . . . your choice was white or red, this was not a wine tasting.

              Southbrook was the only winery present. There were a few brewers offering samples and a few free samples of vodka or other liquors. There were premium food and wine areas at the back of the building however they were charging for their products. There was an abundance of cupcake/cookie exhibitors some were offering complimentary samples of their product, others were not. Lots of sauce, chutney and other condiment vendors offering their usual samples. I can't imagine any of these exhibitors would be charging for samples in the following days so I saw no advantage in attending the opening night party.

              We were incredibly disappointed in terms of the value we rec'd for the money we spent. If we'd have purchased 2 for 1 regular admission tickets I might have viewed the show differently however, on opening night, there weren't even any educational programs talks/demos scheduled so its hard to say. Thank goodness we had the presence of mind to have dinner first or we'd have starved if we'd counted on filling up on "complimentary party fare"!!! A gal can't live on hot sauce and chutney alone and there were very few other complimentary savoury samples. Of course, as ylsf points out, you could purchase items however prices were high, and clearly not discounted.

              Even if we hadn't paid an exorbitant amount to get through the doors, I still think the show failed to deliver on their promise of the "Best in Cooking, Food & Kitchens". None of Toronto's (or Canada's or anywhere else's) "best" food vendors or restaurants were there. There were only two kitchen vendors (Varasmus and Hettich . . .amazing kitchen concept btw). There was one booth that had Staub and Wustoff products on display but no All-Clad or other high end cookware, bakeware, cooking utensils, or innovative cook's tools on offer. For a show touting "The Best", this definitely wasn't the case.

              The opening night left a lot to be desired. I'll be interested to see what others have to say. I can't imagine Mark McEwan was too happy about it. He was at the Cookbook Store booth for a book signing on Thursday and every time we passed by he was standing around with nothing to do. Clearly not too much interest in the full-priced book though we did see a few people ask for a photo w him.....

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                We went yesterday afternoon and were seriously underwhelmed. It seemed like every other booth was selling condiments of one form or another. We watched Padma's "cooking demonstration" which consisted of her talking about her career path (somewhat interesting and she is a good speaker) then saw her prepare a very basic vegetable and couscous dish. She had a "helper" who kept stirring the pot and proclaimed proudly that this was his first time cooking. The vendors did not seem overly busy probably because most of them were selling expensive variations of the same condiments. Overall it was an expensive disappointment.

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                  Are you surprised that it was a disappointment? I'd be surprised if it wasn't. But I guess I've been around longer so I know what to expect at these "shows"