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Taste of DC event starts today

Garlic Guy Oct 8, 2011 05:01 AM

I haven't seen this mentioned on this board (or the two foodie blogs I look at daily, or the blog that's supposed to tell me about free events going on in town), so I wonder if there's a reason no one's talking about this food festival, which starts today and runs until Monday. I've never heard of it before, but it looks like an annual event. Have people attended in the past? What are your thoughts?


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    Mark P Oct 9, 2011 05:35 AM

    If anyone went yesterday, I'd appreciate tips on the best things you tried. I'm planning to go today.

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      Garlic Guy Oct 9, 2011 09:09 PM

      Mark, did you go? How was it? Any recommendations?

      It really doesn't seem like there's much interest in this event....

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        Mark P Oct 10, 2011 04:50 AM

        The festival is still going today: 10am-6pm. Here's my report from yesterday in case it helps anyone planning to go today (or helps people discover new restaurants).

        I went for both lunch and dinner on Sunday.

        It's a fun event. I liked the opportunity of tasting sample-size portions of food from a lot of restaurants. The quality was generally very high, as one would expect when restaurants put their best dishes out in hope to attract more business. In fact, most restaurants gave out cards or coupons that provide discounts for in-restaurant service. I was impressed that some restaurants brought specialized cooking equipment; for instance, a few pizza vendors (including Local 16, which makes a respectable slice and cured their own meats) brought wood-burning ovens.

        One could also sample beers and wines, which I thought was really neat because I don't usually drink more than one at a meal but this way I could try a bunch without drinking too much or spending too much.

        As I said, most things I tried were good, but my favorite discoveries were:
        * pork belly skewers from a restaurant called Station 4.
        * charred octopus, also from Station 4.
        * fried oysters from Marvin.
        * brown butter bourbon bread pudding from Puddin'. (This was so sweet it would be better to split the sample portion among two people, but the flavor was great.)
        * and maybe the samosa from Mayur Kabob House.

        My main complaint about the festival is that pretty much everything was either meat or dessert. There were practically no vegetables.

        1. re: Mark P
          Steve Oct 10, 2011 05:53 AM

          Station 4 is right near Arena Stage and the Waterfont Metro stop, for those of you who might take advantage of that. I passed in front of it last night, but did not go in. Good to hear something about it.

          1. re: Steve
            majmaj4 Oct 10, 2011 07:59 AM

            I went on Saturday. Unfortunately they were not very organized (partially due to the protesters they said). They started over 1 hr late and many places still did not have their food.

            I am really sorry I missed the octopus and pork belly .. they were one of the people who didn't have food.

            I tried the Luke's lobster, and a nutella/strawberry crepe. Both of which I thought were good but overly pricey ($7.50 each). The Luke's lobster was about 1/3 or maybe less than a normal lobster roll - nice tender lobster. I forgot the vendor with the crepes - they were good but a little hard to eat.

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