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Oct 8, 2011 03:28 AM

Agave for baking?

I made the smitten apple tart from my other post (minus the pan, made it free form on a cookie sheet) as a test run and it was very good. Wondering if I can use agave for baking instead of the sugar? Will it be runnier? Do I need to do something differently if I use it? Will it really change the taste?

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  1. Some recipes adapt better than others. Among other things, using agave can result in a heavier product - ex. chewier cookie as opposed to crisp.

    This site has some great tips:

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        Yea! When I was posting I was wishing you were around to chime in!

        OT, but glad you are back and hope things have become better.

      2. On my bottle, it says 4 parts sugar = 3 parts agave, reduce the liquid by 1/3 and reduce baking temp by 20 degrees.

        1. Sounds like a good starting place. I'd keep a notebook and try the substitution with recipes you are familiar with. That way you will be able to see exactly how agave changes the finished product (or if it doesn't).

          Keeping careful notes will make future substitutions easier.

          1. as an alternative, try coconut palm sugar which subs 1:1 and tastes way better, imo.