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Oct 7, 2011 06:47 PM

Looking for an Eegee's type sandwich

Does anyone know of somewhere that makes a grinder that is similar to eegee's? It is a normal 'italian' style sub, but they include sliced pickles and pepperoncinis, and the dressing is really peppery and tangy. Jimmy Johns' #9 comes close, but they don't have sliced pickles or pepperoncinis.

I live in central Phoenix and do drive down to Casa Grande about once a month for my fix. It helps that I can get a fresh strawberry eegee too. But I can buy a bucket of that and have it any time I want. I suppose I can also bring my own pickles and pepperoncinis to JJ's too.

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  1. Jimmy John's does carry hot peppers, they're a free add-on.

    I think Jersey Mike's may hit the spot, but don't remember if they have pickles or pepperoncini.

    And boy do I wish there was an Eegee's up here in Phoenix, I've been in the mood for one lately.

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      Thanks! I've been meaning to get to Jersey Mike's and I will ask for peppers at JJ's.

      PS It is worth the drive!