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Oct 7, 2011 05:57 PM

Aural privacy

Funny situation: we need to meet with our out of town financial advisor at a westside restaurant to discuss our precarious solvency. (Home is filled with loud, prying children.) So we want our table or booth to be sheltered from eavesdropping neighbors. We still have enough money for a decent meal but can't be too pricey. Prefer within 5 mile radius of Beverly Hills. Where would you eat publicly and have a private conversation?

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  1. not a direct answer to your question, but when i NEED privacy, the TIME of the meeting is at least as important as the restaurant selection.

    for instance, tonight, at 4:45 pm, Zengo, in Santa Monica was virtually empty. If you were to go there three hours later, it would be a vastly different story.

    there are booths in the lounge area of Cafe del Rey (near me, not near you) that serve a "bar menu" betweeen lunch and dinner. you will have lots of privacy at that time and the food on the lounge menu is good. (get a truffle pizza for me). if your meeting runs into the "dinner" hours you could order off the regular dinner menu too.

    most restaurants that offer good "happy hour" deals that are only offered at their bar, will have the " "restaurant" area deserted for a while... . .

    hope this helps.

    395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA 90401

    1. Musso & Frank. Not Westside, and a bit pricey, but their booths are private enough and it's very often virtually empty. I always go at dinner time though, no idea how busy/full it is at lunchtime.

      1. Restaurant at the Palomar in Westwood. Fairly empty and the people who dine there are out of towners, so your finances will be of no interest to them. Food is good, and I recall it not being exorbitant, although you might want to check prices. And valet parking is half price if you drive a hybrid.

        1. thanks everyone. And westsidegal, thanks for pointing out that time-space continuum factor too!