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Oct 7, 2011 05:14 PM

Where to buy Jamon Iberico in northwest suburbs

Any ideas? Putting together a charcuterie plate for a home party, and I would love to have some on the board. Can't find it anywhere. Any ideas?


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  1. You might find some at a high-end liquor store that has a big meat and cheese department, like Schaefer's in Skokie. I know that's more north than northwest, but they have a good selection of charcuterie type meats.

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    1. The Fresh Market sometimes has jamon iberico. There is a location in Palatine, you can call the deli dept. and ask.

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      1. I recall seeing either the, 'Iberico or Jabugo', at Costco, both from Spain and both fabulous! It was pre-sliced in a vacuum sealed pack, located in the aisles, not in the meat area.