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Oct 7, 2011 04:59 PM

Looking for down home country food in Richmond

I am traveling to Richmond tomorrow and would like to hit a spot on the way back for early dinner. Looking some down home Southern Country cooking in the Richmond Area.

Thank you for your suggestions

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've heard Comfort is really good, although I've never actually been there. It's on the 200 block of W Broad

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        I find comfort "ok". A bit overrated. But it does have a comfort food feel. Trying to think of who else does southern comfort food. Some at stronghill. Some at Lulu's. Some at wheezie's.
        The Roosevelt is pretty new so I haven't been but has a southern comfort food feel and is supposedly amazing! It's on my list.

      2. for future reference, I'm guessing McCleans Diner would suit

        1. maybe try the Hogshead cafe. not exactly southern country, but definately down home.

          Stuff like shrimp po boys, fried green tomatoes (on the special board this week), loaded tater tots, bbq, brisket,fried oysters, corn pudding, home made scalloped taters, etc. I have been there a bunch of times and its always fresh and good. small little joint in the far west end , maybe 10 tables.

          Actually special I had the other day was a Fried green tomato BLT shrimp po boy.

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              Hogshead Cafe is catty corner to Sam's Club on west broad.

              The address is 9503 West Broad St. It is in same parking lot as Blockbuster and a greek restaurant.

              they have a small menu but with the daily blackboard specials it probably about doubles the menu, and I have been able to order off menu before when I didn't see something i had been looking for.

              they have a website and FB. their website features the ribs, i think the ribs are just ok, but then again im my own pitmaster so I am picky. everything else I have had has been great.

              they put their specials board on Facebook most days, sometimes twice a day.

              1. re: PenskeFan

                thanks! that's close enough to me to check out easily. and it looks like i could take kids. nice. will have to find it exactly.