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Oct 7, 2011 04:13 PM

Ito En Jasmine Tea (large bottle) on Oahu?

We are arriving on Oahu for a week visit tomorrow (maybe I should have thought of asking this sooner...). We are rather addicted to Ito En brand jasmine tea (it's healthy and refreshing!), and I'm wondering if anyone knows if/where the large bottles might be available for purchase on the island?

If there is a large Asian grocery store (such as Ranch 99 or Lion City for Chinese or Mitsuwa for Japanese), they will probably carry it.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you'll be in Waikiki, check the ABC stores. They carry a bunch of Japanese teas and soft drinks.

    1. Don Quijote store, corner of Kaheka and Makaloa, just off Kalakaua Ave inland from the Convention Center may be a good bet...very large selection of Asian, especially Japanese products, and the largest supermarket near Waikiki, most items likely to be cheaper than the ABC stores or Food Pantry.

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        Don Quijote is a huge discount chain in Japan, with stores offering an immense (but poorly classified) selection of all kinds of goods. Likely the best place in Oahu to look for Ito En products.

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          Does Marukai still require a paid membership?

            1. re: macaraca

              Yes, but you can get a day pass for $1

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                Thanks so much for the advice all! We found a Marukai location close to the airport so we stopped there first and found the tea we wanted. Didn't see the $1 day pass option. It was just a slightly higher price for items if you don't have a membership, but the difference was not significant for a one-time purchase.

                There is a Don Quijote (open 24 hrs!) near our hotel (we are actually in the Ko 'Olina area) so we will go check it out if we need to restock.

                Thanks again guys! :)

                1. re: madoka

                  Thanks for letting us know about Marukai....and that there is a Don Q out in the Ko Olina area. Hardly ever get out that way, but good to know there is a familiar place to shop when I do.