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Oct 7, 2011 03:45 PM

The Octobeerfest celebration at Dunedin Brewery [Tampa Bay area]

Octobeerfest is this weekend at the Dunedin Brewery. I'd go if I didn't have prior obligations. IMO, some Chowhound needs to go and check it out.

BTW the food will be no better than your standard pub fare, but their beers are pretty solid...

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  1. Wish I could make it! I wonder if Eli's BBQ is open? Would be worth getting some 'cue and then some awesome beers. Dunedin brewery has really stepped up the quality of their beers in the past couple years, they're putting out some excellent product as of late.

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      My cousin and his wife went, and they said that they had fun until it rained...

      IMO, Dunedin Brewery's Nitro Stout and their IPA are great; also, they're doing a Scotch Ale with the guys from Cigar City called "Auld Alliance". As such, I'm scheduling myself a quick trip down to the Cigar City tasting room later this month, to pick up a growler of Jai Alai and a couple of pints of the Auld Alliance.