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What a great lunch at Arkie's Grill

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I've lived in Austin almost 40 years and just made my first pilgramage to Arkie's Grill way out east on Ceasar Chavez. I loved it. The setting was Austin mid 60's, the food was fantastic diner food. My friend and I both had the chicken fried steak with 3 out of the 4 sides (we skipped the okra which was probably a mistake). 3 sides at Arkies is a nice sized salad, fresh, cool refreshing; a baked potato with butter, and black eyed peas. Do not miss the black eyed peas, they are marvelous. Next time I'm skipping the baked potato and opting for two helpings of the peas. The chicken fried is excellent. Fried to a crispy perfection, beaten till its tender, nice tasting beef and excellent crust. The gravy was also diner delicious. I think it was yellow but who knows. The rolls were first rate. And the service....top notch...A++. I loved our waitress and she seems to enjoy what she does for a living. She was a delight. Come to think of it I enjoyed the food but I'll go back for the waitress. I only wish I remembered her name, she deserves kudos! If you have a friend in town for a day or two and want to do lunch in an old Austin institution that will not dissappoint, do yourself a favor and venture east ot the freeway near the Montopolis bridge and fall in love with Arkie's. For what its worth, this place is cross between a diner and a dive....either way its fun.

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  1. 6.5 years in austin and i've not eaten there yet. love the enthusiasm, too bad it's gotta be a weekday for me to hit it (i think it's closed on weekends). but it's gonna happen.

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      I worked across the street for a couple years, I'd stop and get a breakfast trash taco (or two) every once in while. But frankly, I never felt there was much to write home about at lunch time. I ate lunch there for 10 of the first 15 days I worked there, but only 4 or 5 times in the next 2 years. At first I liked the hominess and might have liked it, but it got really old by the third day.