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Oct 7, 2011 02:23 PM

Your best favorite eatery for Friday nights after work?

If I have to eat at home on a Friday night I’m gonna roar.

It’s my favorite time to go out to eat (because of my Friday Night Fish Fry upbringing) with all the other meal times being a close second. Long long ago I was even happy with Applebee’s. Not anymore though.

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    1. re: mjill

      Wine Vault is really under appreciated on this forum IMO. Sure, it's in Mira Mesa so the location isn't great but the food is good, it's close to both work and home, and the wine list is even pretty good (certainly the best in Mira Mesa). I enjoy it.

      1. re: oerdin

        Wine Vault in Mira Mesa and underappreciated on this board ? You must be talking about a different place.

        1. re: honkman

          I am guessing oerdin means WineCellar & Brasserie.....

          1. re: wrldtrvl

            Yes, agreed. Incidently, the Brasserie used to be my go to spot for Friday lunches when I worked in UTC.

    2. In'n'Out, #1, Animal Style, Neapolitan Shake.

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      1. re: Freddie Freelance

        I order my In 'N Out, 2 X 4 (two beef, four cheese), chopped chillies, grilled onions, fries well done, and a chocolate shake. The fries well done is the key part as the regular fries just don't seem crispy but there has been some variation where sometimes I order fries well and get them perfect (crisp but not burned) and sometimes they arrive burned. I wish there was a medium well category for fries.

        1. re: oerdin

          Wait, what? They have chopped chiles at In 'N Out? Son of a. . .

      2. Avenue 5, Currant and Costa Brava during happy hours.

        Costa Brava
        1653 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

        Avenue 5
        2760 5th Ave Ste 100, San Diego, CA 92103

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        1. re: globocity

          Good call on Currant. I like their late night happy hour.

        2. Friday night fish fries. Not a slam dunk, but this may identify one as a Wisconsinite. :)

          Anybody do those around here?

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          1. re: RB Hound

            definately not a west coast thing but, I remember every Fri I'd go, with my father, to get F&C's at a store front that only did F&C's. What an idea RB, a fish fry.

            1. re: cstr

              If you want a Friday night fish fry come to Mission Hills. St. Vincent's Church hosts them every once in a while. I think one is coming up soon (hopefully it wasn't last night).

              1. re: notjustastomach

                Drove by last night on the way to another event- I saw the signs for Fish Fry, but no activity, so it may be pending. I'll try to get the date today or tomorrow.

              2. re: cstr

                I'm a native San Diegan and when I was a little girl, couple of years ago, Friday Fish Fry was a big deal all over at the restaurants and churches too and the fried fish was served with hush puppies with corn in it and those syrup things were filled with honey.

                  1. re: Fake Name

                    Faklin Fakey...
                    South Dakota...I say what?
                    Find me a Fish Fry...with hush puppies..

                      1. re: Fake Name

                        Just got home and was about to post the info for y'all.

                        Fish fry is Saturday, October 22 @ St. Vincent's Church in Mission Hills (across the street from Masa Izakaya)

            2. Since I live in Mira Mesa and work in Sorrento Valley eateries/bars in that area tend to be where we go on a Friday after work. Callahan's works with those requirements in mind. We can get some good house made beer and a decent food menu (their fish & chips are especially good IMO) though I dislike that they now brew their beer in Mission Valley instead of on premises.

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              1. re: oerdin

                Green Flash brewery has guest food trucks Thursday - Saturday, good option for a Friday night depending on who's there. Nice change of pace from Callahan's. Also tried Bruski's recently on Friday and it was just OK, Kappa sushi was better.

                Green Flash
                701 Thomas Ave, San Diego, CA 92109