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Oct 7, 2011 01:36 PM

Lacroix for our 10th Anniversary - Review

My wife and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary at Lacroix last night. We decided on the tasting menu, which consisted of the following...

Amuse Bouche (The amuse was a small bite of salmon with a wasabi caviar (at least that's the best I can remember/describe it)).

Scallop Tartare
Watermelon, Heart of Palm, Thai Chili

Sunflower (This was an interesting dish. The "sunflower" was mainly a sunflower seed hummus drizzled with a touch of truffle oil and served with toasted sunflower leaves)

Chanterelle, Quinoa, Plum (Halibut was done perfectly. If this was on the menu, I would order it as an entree by itself)

Foie Gras
Honeycrisp Apple, Celery Root, Irish Oats (This was also accompanied by a eucalyptus broth)

Intermezzo (Celery sorbet)

Pork Belly
Sweet Potato-Yuzu, Baby Turnip, Mace (Pork Belly!! Need I say more??)

Hoja Santa
Matsutake, Fig (This was a supplemental cheese course. The cheese was a Mexican goat cheese).

Pre dessert

We were served a plate with a small blue fondant wrapped piece of chocolate cake which almost looked like a Tiffany's box. The plated was inscribed with Happy 10th Anniversary (in chocolate).

Peanut Mousse, Grape Ice Cream

This dessert wasn't really appealing to either of us, but our server graciously allowed us to order something else off of the dessert menu. My wife had a selection of sorbets, including flavors such as lemon-poppy seed, strawberry-hibiscus, guava, mango, and coconut-cilantro. I had a bacon maple souffle that was served with pumpkin anglaise. Very flavorful!!!

As for the service, it was friendly, attentive, sometimes even funny, and the meal was well-paced. Our server even gave us complimentary glasses of dessert wine to celebrate our anniversary. To top it off, the chef also stopped by our table to wish us well.

I would have to say that this was one of the top 3 meals I have had in Philadelphia. By contrast, we went to Le Bec-Fin for our anniv. last year and I cannot remember one thing that I ate, other than some of the dessert cart offerings. My lasting memory of that meal is Georges Perrier's cigarette smoke wafting out of the kitchen past our table.

However, I will remember this meal at Lacroix for quite some time.

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  1. Thanks for the review Philly Ray and Happy 10th Anniversary!! I just enjoy Lacroix so much and I am looking forward to my birthday brunch next month. It never disappoints!

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    1. re: crazyspice

      We plan on going next month for my birthday as well (with a Rue La La gift card). What date are you going?

      1. re: Philly Ray

        We have a reservation for 1:30 on the 27th. I am a "turkey baby". Hate turkey! Can't wait to celebrate on the 27th!

    2. Thanks for the delicious review. We have celebrated several occasions at Lacroix and never been disappointed. The brunch is a different experience, just as fabulous - enjoy it!

      1. Happy anniversary! So glad you had a nice dinner, it sounds amazing! We just celebrated our 10 year and were choosing between Lacroix, Vetri, and Le Bec Fin. We had a nice meal but, like you, I pretty much remember the dessert cart! I think we may need to head to Lacroix to celebrate 11 years!

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        1. re: AmblerGirl

          We had previously been to Lacroix for brunch and for Restaurant Week. The brunch is simply spectacular and going during Restaurant Week simply does not compare to the "full experience".

          After this meal, I would rank the best restaurants in Philly as:

          1. Vetri

          1a. Lacroix

          1b. The Fountain

          I wouldn't go back to Le Bec-Fin given these other options.

        2. I had my first dinner experience at Lacroix last night have to agree with what everyone has said on this thread. Fantastic food (the veal tongue pastrami, served in a ravioli with the halibut, was outstanding), beautiful plating (the hamachi crudo looked like a lost masterpiece from the modern era), great cocktails (my Brooklyn rivaled Southwark's), and above all, amazing service and atmosphere. It all made for a very memorable night and a reminder that while that we are lucky to get great food at more casual restaurants in this city, true fine dining still has a place. It was worth every penny and I can't wait to go back.

          1. Just wanted to add an "amen!" to the very positive reviews of Lacroix. Went there Christmas Eve and had a very delicious meal with a table overlooking a beautifully decorated Rittenhouse Square. It was about as perfect a dining experience as I've had.