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Oct 7, 2011 12:58 PM

Casual but special anniversary dinner in NoVA or DC?

Just got back from an amazing trip to Istanbul, so we don't want to splurge too much...but we still want to do something special for our anniversary next Friday. Something more on the fun side than the fussy side. I was thinking of Kushi, but we've been there several times, and want to try something new. Maybe Virtue Feed and Grain? Something we're missing? I feel like everything new has been burgers or steaks lately.

(Mr. Arkham is a pescavore, so most steakhouse or BBQ-type places are out, unless they have a decent fish option.)

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  1. How about moules and frites at Granville Moore's? I think they have a very fun atmosphere, great moules and frites (I loved the mushroom ones) and a good beer list. I also love moules and frites at Brasserie Beck downtown, but I think GM's is more "on the fun side".

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      I think both of these options are good ones. Granville Moore's is a total dive but the food in stellar.

      Another option might be to head over to 14th St. There are so many options there you can do a food crawl if you want. But I would go to Estadio for Spanish tapas and great drinks. Try to sit at the open kitchen if you can. And then head over to Birch and Barley for dessert. I actually haven't been but everyone says their dessert menu is incredible. They have a dessert with mini version's of childhood favorites---very cute and fun. I actually tried to do this date with my boyfriend but it started to pour outside so we just stayed at Estadio (still delicious!).

      Birch and Barley
      1337 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

    2. New or new-to-you?

      Las Canteras in Adams Morgan has some highly stylized, delicious, and inexpensive Peruvian food. Go for the items listed as specialties of the chef.

      1. One go-to place I have for casual but special is Dino in Cleveland Park. Great Italian food and the atmosphere isn't stuffy at all.

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          Dino is what popped into my head when I saw the thread title but there are a lot of good ideas here.

        2. Thanks, all! I guess I'm just looking for something "new to us." (Which all of these suggestions are!) Trying to get out of our rut, especially since we don't eat out as much as we used to.