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Oct 7, 2011 11:59 AM

APDC is full ... where to go this weekend in Montreal?

So the title pretty much says it all. We were too late planning our trip to get reservations at APDC, which seems to stand out as the clear favorite in Montreal.

So where else to go? I tried searching, but can't really find anything that stands out.

We're very open to other suggestions, but we're really hoping to eat food that would be hard to find outside Quebec/Montreal, ideally made from local ingredients.

Edit: We'll be staying in Old Montreal, so walking distance would be great, but we'll also have a car.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I would not give up on APDC yet. If you don't mind sitting at the bar and dining early {5 pm seating} and ask nicely they usually keep open a couple seats open.

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    1. re: Duppie

      Thanks. Would you recommend calling or just showing up?

      1. re: LovinYankeeBarbecue

        Forget about calling,just try to be there in line at 5pm and hope, There are many good restaurants in the neighborhood as Maximilien mentioned, another favorite of mine is Laloux just a short walk from APDC.

        Restaurant Laloux
        250 Av Des Pins E, Montreal, QC H2W1P3, CA

    2. in Old -MTL, have a look at DNA.

      If you want to go Plateau, have a look at "Le Chien Fumant" or "La Salle à Manger"

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      1. re: Maximilien

        Thanks for the suggestions so far. Looks like we'll have our pick of good places.

        One follow up: How do people dress for these places? Can I wear jeans? I'm from Boston, a notoriously badly-dressed town, and don't want to offend in Montreal.

        1. re: LovinYankeeBarbecue

          > Can I wear jeans?

          In general, yes. Unless you're going for uber-fine-dining, Montreal is pretty casual.

          1. re: LovinYankeeBarbecue

            Fashionable casual is appropriate in almost any restaurant in Montreal, with an emphasis on casual.

            APDC is an interesting case because it attracts so many tourists who expect that because it is the most well-known restaurant in town, that it is also quite fancy: 5pm sees many people showing up in formal attire and looking somewhat out of place. I've seen people wearing no shirt in this restaurant, so I wouldn't worry. Chien Fumant and Salle a Manger are equally casual.

            That said, at Laloux and DNA you might feel more comfortable with a collar... Jeans will be fine if they're a nice pair.

            1. re: LovinYankeeBarbecue

              FYI, this week, I went to Toqué! (one of the best restaurant in town) in Jeans (clean) with a dressed shirt, jacket and nice shoes.

              1. re: Maximilien

                Montreal is a casual but very fashionable city and I usually get away with some good dark jeans,white button downs and black blazer. also a big shoe town so a good polished pair is a must. colorful pocket square for a Continental flair.........

          2. try making a reservation at joe beef. Its different than PDC but as good or better if you are looking for the montreal experience. Take note it is in a different part of town but you can try and do PDC the next night

            1. Well it's been two weeks since we got back from Montreal, but I wanted to follow up on this post. First off, thanks for all your suggestions. We tried getting to APDC at 5pm, but still had no luck, so we decided on Le Chien Fumant.

              The food was excellent, if not mind-blowing. Oddly, that made the experience better, if anything. The service (helpful, friendly, informed), atmosphere (tiny place in a residential neighborhood), and some good drinks stimulated one of the best dinner conversations my wife and I have had in years. That the food was uniformly delicious, but did not command one's rapt attention, only helped matters.

              We had a long walk (1.5 hrs) between the restaurant and our hotel, which we enjoyed thoroughly, stopping several times along the way for drinks, shopping, etc. We even came back out from the hotel for an encore of late-night poutine*.

              The next day we had a fantastic French-style breakfast at our hotel, l'Auberge Bonaparte. For lunch we hit Stash Cafe, which was not in the top tier of Polish food I've ever had, but was still immensely tasty and satisfying. Then, on our way out of town, we sat for an hour or so in a traditional Quebecois traffic jam on the I-10.

              What a wonderful city. And we never even made it to APDC or Schwartz's! I'm looking forward to going back.

              *Tasty, but really had nothing on the versions you can get in northern Vermont or central Maine.

              Le Chien Fumant
              4710 Rue de Lanaudière, Montreal, QC H2J 3P7, CA

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              1. re: LovinYankeeBarbecue

                It's too bad about APDC, but it was thanksgiving weekend, so not entirely surprising that you couldn't nab a table. Next time..

                I can't think of a decent poutine in old montreal, so I expect most New England poutines would beat out the one you tried. Definitely hit up some of the reliable Montreal favourites next time you're in town for a true comparison. What's most remarkable is that you finished at Chien Fumant and still had room for poutine at all, even if you did dine early! Thanks for the report..