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Oct 7, 2011 11:42 AM

BEST MENU'S UNDER $100 PP ...what's your Favorite?? Help me Decide!!

Hello Chowhounds!

Could you help me find and decide on where to go for a nice Fine Dining for under $100 PP not including tax,drinks...

I'm a foodie who is not rich LOL

Will be in Vegas Thanksgiving Weekend... so must book soon!
What about Guy Savoy Pre Theater Menu?

any others??

Have reservations for Thanksgiving night @ 8:45 pm for JALEO... (i just came back from Spain, so im still in Spanish mood) really want to try their croquetas & Paellas...

So need something French!



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    1. re: yesilovestotravel

      Your post is very broad as most every place in town has a menu for under $100 exclusive of booze,tax,tip. If you look at some past posts, you can get an idea of what sounds good and then ask for input on those. Some general ideas to start, bouchon, comme ca, mon ami gabi, l atelier, guy savoy, robuchon, eiffel tower, le cirque, twist, etc.