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Oct 7, 2011 11:28 AM

help a pregnant girl figure out dinner (Hartford, CT area)

I'm a foodie at heart and starving all the time, but NOTHING is sounding good as a meal. I'm also getting that weird combo thing going on, like "gee, shrimp and chocolate *could* go together, then in the next second I want to throw up from that idea.

Sooo, please fellow Chowhounds, where would you go for dinner tonight and what would you have? Here's the guidelines:
- Under $20/ entree
- Relatively kid friendly (we have a well-behaved toddler who typically eats what we eat)
- Good dessert would be a bonus.
- We live west of the river so nothing too far east (Glastonbury would be furthest)


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  1. Couple of thoughts -
    Plan B Burger Bar - in West Hartford, Simsbury, and Glastonbury. Really good burgers but also tasty other menu items, usually a couple of decent home made dessert options, and family friendly.
    J Timothys in Plainville - I'm a fan of the wings, but they have pretty good menu and family friendly.,

    Plan B
    4 Railroad St, Simsbury, CT 06070

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    1. re: TnTinCT

      I second J. Timothy's. Also, for variety, try one of the two diners in the area...GoldRoc (Exit 44, Rte 84) in WH and Applewood (Farmington Ave in Bristol). Extensive menus, reasonable prices...mixed reviews (but I'm from NJ...and KNOW diners) and they're not all that bad. Not NJ diners, but still, not bad at all. GoldRoc has better desserts, tho.

      Applewood Restaurant & Bar
      820 Farmington Ave, Bristol, CT 06010

      1. re: njmarshall55

        Too funny. I am also from NJ originally and KNOW my diners, so I am very picky! I haven't tried either of the ones you suggested yet, so thanks for the green light. Sounds like J Timothy's may be worth looking into too! Thanks all :-)

    2. Tapas maybe? Barcelona in West Hartford has lots of delicious small plates. The wide variety might be what you are looking for. Unsure about dessert there though, it is not my thing.

      1. Go to the Corner Pug. Mmmmm, port wine cheddar burger.

        Corner Pug
        1046 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110