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Oct 7, 2011 11:19 AM

Virginia Highland area -- place to chill out Sunday afternoon and evening

Was hoping to spend late Sunday afternoon and evening in the Virginia Highlands area with a friend before my meetings start on Monday in the Buckhead area.

Looking for a place to grab a light bite to eat and some drinks for the late afternoon -- not necessarily a sports bar, but that's ok too. Primarily some place comfy and relaxing. Outdoor seating is cool too if the weather is good.

Then looking for a good, but laid back jeans kind of place for dinner in the same area. Open to all cuisines and price points, but want quality food.

Look forward to checking out this part of Atlanta -- and some good drinks and food as well.



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  1. Fellini's is in the Virgina Highland area and has outdoor seating, very relaxed (no dress code) they sell good pizza in HUGE slices and they also serve alcohol.

    Another amazing place in the same area is Atlanta Cupcake Factory. They have the best cupcakes Ive ever tasted and they make them fresh every day. Not a place you can go and sit down at but there are multiple parks neary that you can enjoy them in.

    I know you said Virgina Highlands but Nancy's pizza in Buckhead has the BEST chicago style pizza in Atlanta hands down in my opinion.

    Oh and the Vortex and flip burger have really good burgers and they both have outdoor seating. And vortex has so much alcohol its not even funny
    I hope I helped!! :)

    1. I think the Fellini's referred to is on Ponce. Lotsa traffic whizzing by. I like their pizza but it doesn't please all the Neapolitanistas that rule the pizza opinion world these days.

      In Virginia-Highland proper, there aren't many Chow-ish places to hit. But there's Taco Mac right at the intersection of VA and Highland. Further S, at the intersection of Highland and Greenwood, there's a couple pubs with patios. And Diesel looks like it's converted more to a sports bar.

      The only Chow-ish place that pops to mind is Family Dog in Morningside (further N up Highland). Don't know that they have any bites that qualify as "light."

      FWIW, Vortex is in Little 5 Points. If you head there, the Porter would be a good stop.