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Oct 7, 2011 10:11 AM

Wienerschnitzel...what do you guys think?

just tried their new pastrami sandwich and it was pretty decent.

just wondering what the consensus was about this place and their normal line of chili dogs..

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  1. My wife (the anti-Chowhound) loves both their chili dogs and their corn dogs...(I can't stand their chili dogs but the corn dogs are edible) while I normally get an all beef Chicago dog or an all beef with mustard, onions and relish. I once made the grievous error of getting a chili burger from them. So bad as to be indescribable in its awfulness.

    1. Their chili cheese dogs on pretzel buns are like crack to me. I seriously have to avoid going near the place otherwise I want to stop and get a couple. And their onion rings are pretty tasty for a chain joint.

      1. Their Chili is very tasty on both their hamburgers and hot dogs.

        1. Their corn dogs and chili cheese dogs are my absolute fave! The bacon-wrapped street dogs are also high up on my list.

          1. back in the day of furguality and youth, one of my favs was Tuesday 25 cent chili dogs at A&W, as far as Wienerschnitz goes, I'll pass.