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Oct 7, 2011 10:09 AM

Pat's Tap

Went last night. I've been waiting for a good bar to come to the neighborhood and while it took awhile, it's finally here. It's really well done and there's free skee ball to boot! Sat at the bar- just had wine, not cocktails, but I will try some on the next visit. Had the zucchini cakes and chickpea flat bread small plates. Both were good. The flat bread was topped with mushrooms, arugula and manchego cheese. The cakes had a yummy aioli and were really light overall. I liked them a lot; they were my fav of the two.

We then split the duck burger and the cheeseburger. If I didn't have the cheeseburger, the duck burger would have been great. It's spiced with something like 5-spice powder and topped with a wasbi aioli and bean sprouts. The cheeseburger was just flat out delicious. The fries were great, on the thinner side and perfectly cooked.

The prices are super reasonable. They offer small plates, 3 salads, about 5 or 6 sandwiches and 5 or 6 entrees, all of which sounded really good. Can't wait to try them. Oh, and they have cheese and charcuterie plates.

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  1. I suppose I should probably already know, but which neighborhood?


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        What used to be there? I'm kind of picturing that block.

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              casey's actually used to be a pretty awesome lesbian bar. i'm a bit unenthused about the blb-ification, in the new incarnation, to be honest. . . but the positive review here is a good info point.

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                I wonder if that's the one I'm thinking of. Maybe I'm thinking earlier yet.

                The place had lots of games and I think burgers.

          1. Went to Pat's Tap today, first time, for a 3 PM lundiner. Service was very good from the start. Nice tap beer menu, and great cocktail menu. Fiancee had a cocktail which was excellent, and FIL and I each had tap beers (good selection). Fiancee ordered the ramen, FIL ordered the cheeseburger, but with the horseradish mashed potatoes as a side, and I ordered the pork terrine sandwich with greens.

            There was an issue with the ticket, and fiancee didn't get her ramen, so it was comped, which the server told us right off the bat. FIL said the the cheeseburger was excellent - ordered medium, and that's what it looked like, great tinge of pink. He cut it in half, and there was some great juice that came out of it. The horseradish potatoes (which we all had a taste of), was very good - subtle horseradish, but tasty.

            The ramen bowl was very good. Not the best ramen I've had in town, but still a solid ramen. Tasty broth, excellent pork belly, and very good noodles.

            The pork terrine sandwich was, to be honest, one of the best sandwiches that I have ever had. I'm a sandwich fanatic, and have had some great ones in my life, and this one easily makes my top 10 list. The pork terrine itself was very good, but the construction is what really made the sandwich: the bread bun was buttered and toasted on the inside, so it's soft with the initial bite, but then you hit a layer of crunch. The slaw was perfect - great bite, nice and toothy, perfectly balanced. And then the terrine, rich pork taste, well seasoned, and a great fatty component that played so well with the slaw. So the soft bun, crunchy bun interior, crunch of the slaw, and soft terrine, was just an incredible combination. The greens were nice, a bit underdressed, and could have been better, but the sandwich itself would steal the show no matter what was on the side.

            We then played a few games of skeeball. Overall, the place was a knockout. The food was excellent. The service was great, in spite of the mix-up, the server hit a great balance of being friendly but not overly ridiculous, and made a great recommendation for a beer to pair with my pork terrine sandwich (Fulton's Sweet Child of Vine).

            Pat's Tap was fantastic. We'll definitely be back. Every aspect was spot on. Pat's Tap is a rare find, along the lines of Buster's on 28th, where there's high quality food, a very good beer and wine offering (though Pat's Tap had an outstanding cocktail selection), great service, and a fun atmosphere. There should be more places like this.