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Oct 7, 2011 09:46 AM

Myrtle Beach Restaurants

Why does this area have so much trouble attracting good restaurants .The demographics south of MB can support something very up scale >>?

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  1. Just saw your comment. Some of the best seafood restaurants in the world are just south of MB in Murrell's Inlet (east of hiway 17), and north of MB (at the NC/SC line on the coast). I sometimes think the restaurants in MB proper just think they can't compete with those locations.

    1. I agree. Murrells Inlet for seafood. BUT there is one fantastic truly authentic Italian restaurant in Myrtle. Toscana Italian Bistro. Small, family owned and truly authentic. Imported San Marzano tomatoes, incredible bread and homemade pasta. I live in Ohio and have eaten Italian in chicago, New York, everywhere and this is truly one of the best.

      1. I'm going to be way up in N. Myrtle next weekend with a couple of teens who aren't going to want to drive down to MI. What's good up there? (In the 70's).

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          FYI Calabash to the north is 30 miles (39 minutes) from NMB, while MI to the south is 19 to 24 miles away (didn't find a time estimate); according to the internet.

          1. re: billray68

            I'm not into fried seafood and Calabash is way too far. There's got to be some holes in the wall right there in NMB, right?

            1. re: billray68

              Wrong. Calabash is only a 15-20 minute drive from NMB. Perhaps you're confusing NMB with the northern section of Myrtle Beach? They're not the same.

              1. re: arbyunc

                but if they are in the 70 block that is the Northern Section of Myrtle Beach.

                1. re: arbyunc

                  No. I know where NMB is. Maybe southernitalian was speaking generically though. I was born in Conway. However I haven't been to the beach area for years and was relying on the internet.

                  1. re: billray68

                    In the low 70's on N. Ocean Blvd. I'd like to stay within ten minutes. Possibly walk to a decent non-chain, non-buffet restaurant. If that's impossible, just let me know.

                    1. re: southernitalian

                      Mr. Fish - is small, very casual, seafood, about a 5 minute drive.

                      Umberto's and/or Flying Fish Market at Barefoot Landing are both about 10 minutes north of you, plus another 10 minutes to find parking.

                      Ruth's Chris (high end steak chain) is about 10 minutes away.

                    2. re: billray68

                      No problem, I just wanted to clarify for others who may be interested in Calabash. People often confuse NMB with Myrtle Beach proper, and it appears that is the case here.

                    3. re: arbyunc

                      There are no streets (avenues, actually) in the 70's in the town of North Myrtle Beach. There are such avenues in the northern part of Myrtle Beach. It thus seems logical that southernitalian is referencing the northern part of the town of Myrtle Beach. Its 30 minutes from 70th Avenue North in MB to Calabash. In any event, its a moot point as southernitalian isn't interested in going to Calabash.

                        1. re: carolinadawg

                          Mea culpa! For the sake of all that is holy, are there any good restaurants close to (as in "walking distance") the low 70s and North Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach?

                          1. re: southernitalian

                            My post wasn't in reply to you, so no need to apologize to me. And I'm sorry, but I can't help you with your specific request. Its Myrtle Costa Rica, no one goes there for the food.

                            1. re: southernitalian

                              Actually there is an excellent place in the 66 block at the Island Vista Hotel...The chef is very very good!
                              We used to stay there during vacation before we moved to Murrells Inlet and loved the food. My aunt and uncle ate there last week and said it was still delish!


                              1. re: LaLa

                                I absolutely second the restaurant at the Island Vista. Food is top notch. Certainly not your typical hotel restaurant. My family grew up eating there and we enjoyed our last visit a year ago. Food is traditional/southern favorites. I recommend the salad with Chesterfield dressing. It's classic.