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Oct 7, 2011 08:57 AM

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner recommendations near Love Field?

Hi Dallas Hounds! - I'm coming out there next week on business and am looking for recommendations near Love Field...since that is the area in which we are staying / working. 3 or 4 lunches worth and 3 dinners....and maybe a breakfast or two if I can wake up early enough....our meetings usually start at 7 or 8am. For dinners, I'm not looking for too high end dollar-wise - I'll have work folks with me that likely won't want to spend much...and we can think a bit further afield distance-wise as we'll have rental cars and taxi options available. Lunches and breakfasts need to be fairly close in as we won't have a lot of time. I'm from San Diego, so I probably don't need any Mexican or Seafood recommendations, though some of the people are from the east coast so if there is a truly outstanding Mex place that you were going to recommend before you read my last sentence - go ahead and throw it out there! Thanks.

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  1. Please look at Mapquest (or such) and let us know which side of Love you'll be on or what is a major street you'll be on/near. This with regard to keeping it close for the lunch hour

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      Hi there CocoaNut - good call, I should have included that info. I'll be on the North side...on West Northwest Highway near Lemmon Ave. Thanks!

    2. I certainly wouldn't miss a visit to Celebration Restaurant on W. Lovers Lane not terribly far from where you want to be. Very popular with locals featuring great home style cooking with a menu that always features what's local and, in season.

      Also, on the southside of Love Field is Big Al's Smokehouse BBQ. probably not the finest 'Q you'll ever eat but it's damn good and you get plenty of food for the money.
      Be sure to ask for "moist" brisket which is cut from the fattier point section. The pork ribs are good, too.

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        Absolutely agree on Celebration. I prefer it a dinner, as you get seconds on whatever you want.

      2. Two places close to where you'll be that we like to frequent are Suze and Howard Wang's at the intersection of Hwy 12 and Midway. I don't think Suze is open for lunch, but Howard Wang's is and has a moderately priced lunch menu.

        4345 W Northwest Hwy Ste 270, Dallas, TX 75220

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          Thanks for those two suggestions, Sensasianl!

        2. You're in a great location to get to Lover's Lane where there are a number of restaurants - see Lover's @ Inwood and/or Inwood Village.

          +1 Celebration

          BreadWinners for full-on breakfast or healthy (or not) muffins/fruit breads. Call to see how early they open, but I think they serve b'fast all day.

          For inexpensive lunches, Chips Hamburgers and you're probably familiar with Jersey Mike's Subs - there's one in the same area.

          If you decide to grab something to-go or if the weather permits patio dining, Eatzi's.

          For lunch or dinner - Rise No1 -

          Avoid Dunston's Steak House and I think there's a Sonny Bryans BBQ - do not be tempted.

          I can only personally recommend Grimaldi's, but look at West Village for (some) affordable dinner options -

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            Thanks so much for the insights and recommendations, CocoaNut!!

            1. re: ChowBaccus

              Any other recommendations from the weekend warrior Dallas ChowHounds? :)

              1. re: ChowBaccus

                Not from me other than don't make a mistake by passing up Celebration. However, also on W. Lovers Lane (very close to Celebration) is an excellent small restaurant also serving quality food. Eden. It's also byob.

          2. Cafe Istanbul is not too far away. Reasonably good Eastern Mediterranean food.

            Also down Lemon a bit and a few yards up Lomo Alto you'll find Nonna, one of Dallas two best Italian restaurants. It may hit the top of your price range, not sure what constitutes high end for you, but it is very, very good. Worth stretching the budget for.

            Cafe Istanbul
            5450 W Lovers Ln Ste 222, Dallas, TX 75209