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Oct 7, 2011 08:19 AM

Dear Terroni - I Might Have to Break Up with You

I have dined at Terroni on Queen Street once or twice a month since 1995. So I have eaten here approximately 380 times. Not once in 16 years have I been thanked for my patronage. I have always been made to feel like the pleasure was all mine.

I come here for the consistent, delicious food, convenient location and for the restaurant itself. As for service, I expect smug and disinterested. But in the last six months I have noticed a real deterioration of basic civility by wait staff. Last Tuesday night’s server was so glum, so blasé that I want to break up with Terroni but damn it I just love the food so much.

Dear Terroni, I’ll respect your menu but give me a little respect back. I don’t need plates plunked on the table without a word, laughable lack knowledge of the menu, beer or the wine or a disappearing act for most of the evening. I know the menu like the back of my hand but when I ask about the specials you should at least know what they are. Really, I am down with your “no soup for you” schtick but only if servers are professional, knowledgable and truly care about the food.

I am tired. And there are now plenty of places to have a delicious thin crust pizza sans sneering. I think I have finally had it. I am sure Terroni’s owner won’t care if I ever come back, he has my $23,000. But I might have to take the next $23,000 elsewhere. Campagnolo is closer, Libretto’s pizza is better - their servers professional and accommodating. L’Ouvrier is prettier and the food is terrific. If I do finally get the backbone to break up with Terroni, I know they won't miss me at all. But man I will miss that food.

720 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1E8, CA

832 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON , CA

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  1. We've been divorced since January 2008...never been happier!!

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    1. re: robb

      Our divorce happened around 2007 and I haven't looked back. I'd rather spend my money elsewhere and I do.

    2. Give Mercatto a try - friendly service, decent food.

      15 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3, CA

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      1. re: cubmike74

        Second this rec for sure. I'm always happy with the value for money, the quality and the service. Nothing will blow your mind but you'll leave full, happy and overall feeling like you spent your money in a decent place.

      2. Sounds like a very clear-headed thought out response and from somebody who has a lot of experience with the facts! I agree with you that they won't care....until many more people react the way you have, and their reputation falls apart.

        I just wanted to chime in that although I only visit 1 or 2 times a month, I have never had rude or unprofessional service. That being said, I dont ask too many questions past the normal niceties which are always returned in kind. I still find it to be a pleasant and very enjoyable experiece/environment.

        1. Love this post! I've divorced them since QMP opened up in my neighbourhood. They're better, closer, friendlier and they take reservations.

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          1. re: currycue

            Agreed. In fact, the only reason I'll choose to frequent QMP over Libretto is that given (in spite of?) their popularity, they're happy to take reservations.

          2. Thank you for a well written, classy post. Well Done.