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Vegan substitute for cream in butternut soup?

I am making curried roasted butternut squash soup for a friend, and would add cream except that she's vegan. I have used the soy sour cream in the past and it was pretty good. Should I use that in the soup, or is there a reasonable vegan cream substitute that isn't nasty and won't break with the heat?

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  1. Do you think you need the cream, given that blending this soup will make it wonderfully thick? Soft tofu might work as well as canellini beans.

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      +1 - I make a butternut squash soup, blend it all towards the end and it makes it deliciously velvety and smooth, no need for cream at all.

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        I'd save the cream calories for saged croutons ;-)

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          Mmmm. Bread cubes, olive oil, and what -- chopped sage? plus salt? Or sage in the oil first?

    2. I'm not vegan, but I frequently use coconut milk in my butternut squash soup (but, like the others, have gone without using a creamy liquid at all, and it works out just fine).

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        Absolutely coconut milk...it works really well with anything curried.

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          Ditto for the coconut milk, but if it's extra thickness you want, just add a potato and puree it.

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            If you are going to go the coconut route, use coconut cream (not milk). Problem with coconut, however, is that imparts a slightly sweet taste that some people may not want.

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          Coconut milk is my choice as well.

          1. Mimiccreme works very well (cashew and almond based). Use the unsweetened:


            1. I like mimicreme, coconut milk, or almond milk, but as others have said, it will be creamy on its own, especially with parsnip, potato, or ( my choice) celeriac.

              1. Love the coconut milk idea. The soup is for someone having serious dental surgery and there isn't a lot she will be able to eat, thus trying to get calories. I will also look for the Mimicreme, (great name!)

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                  I've had great luck putting in a tablespoon or so of rice at the beginning of the cooking (so that it's completely soft by the time for the pureeing. It adds an extra velvet touch that's really nice.

                2. personally a huge fan of using unsweetened almond milk to replace dairy in the majority of recipes where needed.

                  1. Ended up using coconut cream AND coconut milk, and it was great soup. It was already a bit sweet from the cider and apples, and fresh ginger, and the coconut put it over the edge, plus a snip of chives from the garden.

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                      Sounds like a perfect solution. Another option, if it ever comes up again, is a simple oil roux. The flour keeps the oil from separating.

                    2. If it's curried, why not add coconut milk?

                      EDIT: Sorry for aswering late!

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                      1. Not sure why any cream or substitute is even necessary.
                        I never use it in my butternut soup, and it is not missed at all. In fact, to me it tastes better than ones I've had which were made with cream.
                        My recipe includes apple and chestnuts..perhaps they contribute to the smooth texture and richness achieved without any cream.

                        1. I'd use a coconut product, because I think it would taste best.