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Smoked Salt?

Help! I'm preparing a recipe for Smoky Braised Pork Shoulder that calls for 4 tsp smoked salt. Can't find it in any store...can I just use koher salt? It also calls for smoke paprika, cumin, cinnamon cracked pepper & cocoa powder...oh and I need this for noon today. Help!

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  1. A drop or two of liquid smoke would probably take care of that part of the essence.
    A few years back at a huge Asian grocery store I bought some smoked salt from China, I didn't think much of it at the time, but when I opened it and smelled it it smelled like burning railroad ties so I tossed it. Liquid smoke would be way better than that, i think.

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      FYI- The liquid smoke worked perfectly with the Kosher salt and the roast was terrific. My entire house smelled so good while it was in the oven, sort of chocolate and smokey. Thanks so much for all your help! This site is great!

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        Yeah, this site is great, all right.

    2. This may be a little late for you, but Trader Joe's has smoked salt in a grinder. I think I paid $1.99 or $2.99. You can also get it at Williams Sonoma and many gourmet shops. I haven't seen it in supermarkets though.

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        Thanks, I'l pick some up at TJ's for "next time." I got some liquid smoke and added it to the kosher salt and the other spices. It's in the oven and smelling great!

      2. For the future, since you most likely solved this dilemma already, if you grill, you can smoke your own salt, use about two cups of soaked wood chips on the grill (on the coals) or in a wok, 2 cups of kosher salt in aluminum pan, cover and let smoke for 1/2 to 1 hour or so. Keeps indefinitely in a covered container.

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              I use a mix of salt, pepper and garlic powder. After grilling out I just put it on the grill off to the side, throw a handfull of chips on the coals, close the vents, take it off in the morning.
              I use it on about everything.

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                I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you have made this yourself? Does it taste as good as the stuff you buy in the stores?

                I bought some fantastic smoked red pepper sea salt at The Spanish Table that I have been putting in everything (even bread!) and just love it. It's not horribly expensive, but I was thinking of making some for holiday gifts--pretty easy to figure out the ingredients (salt, red chili pepper). I have never smoked anything and am happy to try if it turns out well most of the time.

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                  I smoke salt and sugar in my smoker every time I have a leftover rack available. Way better than store bought.

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                    Great. I will give it a shot then.

                    One question: sugar? How does one use smoked sugar?

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                      Hot chocolate and coffee are great. I also use to make syrups, and deserts. Broiled apples and pears with caramelized smoked sugar on top, with a tiny bit of smoked salt, over vanilla ice cream.

                      Place a large coffee filter or one paper towel on smoker rack and lay down 1/4-1/2 inch of salt/sugar.

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                        Oh boy oh boy, JMF! Can't wait to try this. Sometimes I think I've done everything and somebody comes along with an awesome idea like this. Thank you!

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                          JMF, one more question. What kind of wood chips do you use to smoke salt and sugar?

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                            It doesn't really matter. I've done apple, hickory, cherry, and pecan. Since the salt and sugar are only used in small amounts it only adds a nice hint of smoke, not enough to actually tell which wood. Also, I like to get the salt and sugar as smoky as possible. So I may run it through the smoker several times when I am smoking various meats. So they may have a blend of smoke on them.

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                              Good answer. I will pass that on to our grillmeister. Thank you.

                2. Dairyland makes a pretty decent smoked salt. I put it in my salt grinder. I like their smoked pepper as well, except some may not like the pre-ground.


                  1. I know the original problem was solved, but I came on the site today specifically to see what others had to say about TJ's smoked salt.

                    I've tried other smoked salts and liked them (I LOVE smoked flavor. I'm convinced it's literally the favorite flavoring of my people, Wisconsinites, even if I do live in Los Angeles now.) But before I read "South Africa" this stuff reminded me of a cross between a Masaii campfire on the plains of Kenya - and that wasn't even a nice smoke - and the scent of the burned out bar on Sunset Strip a few years ago. I'm not impressed. TJ's has this strange pattern of many wonderful items with a sudden really, really bad stinker.

                    As for smoked paprika, an economical but lovely, mysterious and delicate one was available at Costco from McCormick. Liquid smoke can be very useful but it's very hard to use to give something just the slightest hint of smoke. Smoked paprika however can do wonders with just the lightest sprinkle on top of a delicate food that you may have never thought of adding smoke to. I highly recommend it.

                    If you see it, get it for other uses in the future.

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                      Maybe they're getting theirs the same place the Asian grocery store did.

                      BTW- you don't want to break the bottle of liquid smoke on the floor- my apartment smelled like a house fire for a year. :-)

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                        Ouch! That's sounds as bad as when a full liter bottle of fish sauce leaked into the parquet floor over 8 days of vacation. Seven-ish years later I can still smell it in the pantry.

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                          Oh wow- my condolences. At least mine was a rental...

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                            I don't care how much complexity fish sauce will add to a recipe, I can't get past the initial smell:-)

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                          As for smoked paprika, an economical but lovely, mysterious and delicate one was available at Costco from McCormick.
                          really? are you sure it was *smoked* paprika? all the Costco stored i've shopped at in CA & NJ carry McCormick "fancy" paprika, but not smoked. i even double-checked when i was there yesterday after seeing your post...

                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                            Yep. But your response makes me realize it was probably only a one-time thing. Sad, I don't use it often because it's only appropriate or clever in less common recipes, but i really really love it. See attached pic.

                            1. re: ZeusLA

                              bummer. i personally use a ton of it, so i wish i could score that Costco deal!

                              for the record, i think it's "appropriate" wherever it tastes good...and i've found that it tastes good on many, many things ;)

                                1. re: ZeusLA

                                  fellow Hounds are *always* welcome at my table...unfortunately since i'm no longer in LA, it'll cost you a cross-country plane ticket.

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                                    Hey Everyone! The Costco in Marina del Rey had more of the Smoked Spanish Paprika on Sunday. $3.69 for 8 oz. (yes - eight ounces)!

                                    Goodhealthgourmet, I got some for you already, my treat. Now how to I contact you privately to send it to you?

                                    1. re: ZeusLA

                                      wowsa. you bought me a jar? i can't believe you did that! it was so incredibly thoughtful :) i'd hate for you to go out of your way to ship it to me if the stores here on the East Coast have it now too...i'll check with them on Friday.

                                      but shoot me an e-mail anyway, because even if i can get it here you just earned yourself a care package - i'll make you some goodies with smoked paprika in 'em.

                                      Happy Thanksgiving!

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                                        Just to let you know, 'real' smoked paprika comes from the Extremedura region of Western Spain, near Cacheres. There are about 10 companies that make it in small square cans. There are three styles, sweet, hot, and sweet-hot or bittersweet. l have found some better than others but basically all very similar, fresher is better. If Costco has them for $4 for 250 gms, that makes it a great deal. Used to sell at D&D for @ $ 5-6 for the small size, or 125 gms.

                                        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                          They don't always carry it, so I'm betting it's actually the real stuff that get's rebranded when there is a bumper crop. Penzey's website says the smoke is actually oak, which makes sense, since it does smell like summertime oakwood cooking fires.

                                          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                            i know - i'm currently using up the last bits in the bottom of two tins - an El Rey hot & a Safinter bittersweet. they're excellent products but i usually pay about $7 for each little tin and i use a lot of it, so i'm willing to see if the Costco product is a worthwhile compromise for such a bargain price.

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                                Penzey's Spices carries Smoked Spanish Paprika. Sometimes I open the jar and take a whiff just to get a hit of its' wonderful scent. I added a bit of it to a creamy potato and bacon soup I made tonight. It was just the right touch.

                            2. Heads up, I've seen this being sold in H Mart, a korean grocery store.

                              1. Check out www.Frontiercoop.com for gourmet salts. They carry a fabulous Smoked (Applewood) Salt.

                                1. For all things wonderful in the world of SALT, I highly recommend ordering on-line from Mark Bitterman's store in Portland, OR; The Meadow...
                                  He is the author of 'Salted', which I recently read from a library check-out. Very interesting stories on the history of salt, salt making, salt trading, etc.
                                  A good compendium of different artisanal salts from around the world. He can get a bit high-on-his-horsey about handcrafted/havested salts vs. 'industrial salt' (the kind in the blue round cannister, or even - mostof CH's standard - kosher salt), but it was very interesting and informative.
                                  You can order all kinds of smoked and other flavors of salt, french Sel Gris, and things as fun as Himalyan Pink Salt slabs from his shop @; http://www.atthemeadow.com/shop/
                                  Check it out...
                                  And as for the smoked paprika, I would tend toward Vera brand, in the eponymous red tins. hot, sweet, and extra smokey, imported from spain. Don't mess around on this count - it's not expensive, and it's pedigree garauntee's that if you use it, your food will have that smokey, haunting quality. For things like Romesco sauce, Moroccan dishes, oily fish with olives, lemon and smoked paprika - yum!

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                                    Lynne Rossetto Kasper interviewed Mark on her APM radio show: The Splendid Table. It was fascinating. Here's a link to the generic podcast. I'm sure with a quick search you can get to the specific interview.


                                    You really will never think of salt the same way again.

                                    1. re: ZeusLA

                                      Yes, and after listening to Mark speak, I will not. Totally amazing.

                                  2. Hickoryworks.com has an hickory smoked salt that is VERY intense, one or two grains does it, super product as is their Shagbark syrup, IMHO far more interesting that the best maple syrup.

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                                      okay, i really might have to order some of that hickory salt.