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Nov 15, 2010 05:31 PM

Crescent Ridge Milk

Has anyone tried the Crescent Ridge Milk carried at Whole Foods/Dave's Fresh Pasta/other places? It's the stuff in the glass bottles that have a $1.50 deposit? I love that their packaging is very sustainable and from a great farm in Vermont, but I haven't been able to depart from my Highlawn brand allegance. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts who has tried both. I just drank a half gallon of the Highlawn chocolate milk over the course of about 24 hours; I think that it might be a clinical addiction now.

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  1. I grew up on Crescent Ridge milk... they delivered! Excellent milk, but I still think High Lawn is just that much better.

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    1. re: smtucker

      That's just the type of validation that I wanted to hear!

      1. re: smtucker

        They still deliver - Barmy and I have been getting Crescent Ridge milk delivered for about six months now, and are extremely happy with the service and the product. Our neighborhood in Allston is not within their official delivery zone, but we contacted them directly and they were happy to oblige. Give them a call if you're interested - 800-660-2740.

        1. re: Allstonian

          Wow, how much do you have to order to get them to deliver?

          1. re: galleygirl

            $7.50 per delivery, plus $4 delivery fee (if you pay by EFT, they drop it to $3/delivery.) They will deliver every other week if weekly is too much for you. We have a standing order of two half-gallons plus a pint of half-and-half per week, and that meets the minimum. You can also add other items to your order, either online (up until midnight the night before your delivery day) or by leaving an order form in your delivery box for the following week.

            We have our delivery dropped in a cooler that we put out onto our front stoop every delivery morning with the empty bottles and several freezer packs. Barmy works from home so the milk doesn't sit out very long. We have not had any problem to date with anyone tampering with the waiting cooler.

          2. re: Allstonian

            So, a few things to order for an extra. The Egg Nog. I don't even like Egg Nog, but theirs is really good [or that is how I remember it], and in the summertime, the Lemonade used to make my Father cry with happiness.

            1. re: smtucker

              I just saw their egg nog at the Alewife Whole Foods. I'll have to give that a try--and keep my eye out for their lemonade. Take that, Paul Newman!

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                Yes, we definitely want to get some of the eggnog, but there's no Christmas-season anything in our house until the 26th. Thanksgiving Comes First.

                We've also been pleased with the frozen bagels and bialys, and the Orchid Island orange and grapefruit juices are fantastic.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  Oh, i love it; so you can get other stuff besides milk!

                  1. re: galleygirl

                    TONS of other stuff - all kinds of dairy items, juices, eggs, their own ice cream in myriad flavors, pies, frozen entrees, meats - go take a look at their website.

                    Most of the grocery items aren't cost-effective compared to the supermarket, but they do have some nice items that we occasionally throw into the mix.

          3. It's pretty wonderful; not just for the packaging. And the glass bottles really do improve the taste, for those times when you take a cold quart and glug it in front of the fridge. Their 0% is exceptional, as good as High Lawn, IMHO...It's sometimes not as available in the size or fat content I want, when I happen to have the bottle with me for returns, but I'd sub one for the other, easily.

            1. Melrose Patch just posted that Crescent Ridge now delivers to Melrose. I'm very excited to try this!

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              1. re: Chris VR

                ....but still no delivery to Malden (just checked their online map). Bummer!

                1. re: gimlis1mum

                  Give them a call or email them and ask, even if you're not on their map. That's how we got it! They deliver to Brookline and we're close enough to Brookline that they took us for delivery.

                  1. re: gimlis1mum

                    What Allstonian said... I have no idea why Melrose made the cut and Malden didn't, but if they are coming here anyway, Malden's practically on the way.

                    1. re: Chris VR

                      I emailed them about a year ago (right after I heard about them, on this board) and they told me that Malden was outside their delivery area but they'd keep us on file in case they expanded into our town. I was disappointed b/c they were delivering to Medford then. But you're right Chris, I should try again - we're right off of main Street so not too far out of their way, I'd think.

                2. We have been having Crescent Ridge milk delivered for 30 years and consider it to be of the highest quality. If I couldn't get Crescent Ridge delivered, I would buy High Lawn milk.