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Oct 6, 2011 07:53 PM

Jang Soo in San Francisco

The other night my girlfriend and I stopped by Jang Soo in the Richmond (on Geary between 27th and 28th) which just reopened under new ownership. The entire inside is a massive improvement from the old Jang Soo and has almost a West Elm feeling to it. The food was soooooooo yummy. We ordered and grilled our own Kal Bi (marinated short ribs) and Kobe Definitely a great find and I look forward to round two.

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  1. My dinner at Jang Soo on its 3rd day of opening was a disappointing one. In general, food was too salty. The $16 grilled whole yellow corbina (2) was very crispy outside but dry and extremely and unevenly salty. The miso stew was generous with yummy ingredients but short of liquid, thereby, overly salty. Not sure if it was recipe or poor service, raw egg was not offered and I did not bother to ask for a raw egg as there was not enough soup. Rice was not provided until we could flag down the waitress.

    Bibimbap was again very generous on toppings with much crispy rice. Wished they gave more rice. The fresh kal bi (i.e. not marinated) was okay but a bit small on portion. Again rice was not offered; lettuce and miso paste was not provided until requested. Seafood pa jun was loaded with seafood to a point that the mushy pancake could not hold it up. Right when we put down the chopsticks and called it the night, a small plate of jap chea was offered. It was a bit sweet and tasty. definitely the highlight of the evening.

    The banchan was on the mild side comparing to all the entrees.

    Given the owner comes from a restaurant business family, I just expect the food be better. Let's hope after a few more week, the operation would run smoother