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Oct 7, 2011 06:46 AM

Pane Vino or Camille in Providence

Correction on my previous post. After living here 5 years, we have never been to either of these restaurants despite multiple visits on the hill. Which has better food? DH and I are in need of a casual night out and a movie, and the babysitter is all lined up! I am open to other suggestions, but we have already been to Constantino, Meditarreneo, Sieno Caserta, and the one with the train around the inside (can't remember the name). Have also been to most of the restaurants on Washington St..

Pane Vino Restaurant
1431 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880

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  1. I'm a fan of Pane e Vino, especially their amazing bread pudding. That said, their wine list (and food in general) is horrifically overpriced. They make up for that on Monday, when all wines are 50% off, including btg. The lights flicker in an annoying way and the service, which used to be perfect, has been on the decline.

    I used to hit P e V at least one Monday per month, but I've had a lot of high-priced "meh" experiences recently. That said, the food has always been fantastic. Really, really fantastic.

    I've not been to Camille's since they fired a friend for being pregnant and "no longer looking hot in her uniform". I can't support that.

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      That just turned me off to Camilles!
      I wasn't clear whether the high-priced meals that were "meh" was at P e V or elsewhere? It sounds like we might want to save it for a monday night, but we are planning for Sunday this long weekend.
      Any other suggestions not to far from Providence Place? Any thoughts on the Jackie's Waterplace? I have heard mixed things...

    2. I like Pane E Vino over Camille's. Camille's is more upscale/formal while Pane E Vino is more intimate and relaxed. I love the wine list at Pane E Vino, especially on Monday nights. I've never had a bad food experience at either. Pane E Vino has a very small bar. Camille's bar is bigger.

      Pane E Vino
      365 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI 02903