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Oct 7, 2011 05:00 AM

Marblehead Breakfast

I'm going to be in Marblehead for the weekend and I'm looking for a place for a really delicious breakfast. Nothing fancy schmancy expensive. Just really really fabulous oatmeal, eggs, homefries, pancakes, that type of thing. Any suggestions would be great!! I'm starting my search very late so if there are recent posts already up please point me in their direction!! Thank you!!

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  1. I usually have a breakfast at the to the Town Dock. Nothing fancy, diner type food.

    1. Be prepared to wait a while for a seat at the Driftwood unless you arrive before 8am. The Muffin shop is a short walk away and they do a decent breakfast. However, the wait is well worth the experience of eating at the Driftwood with the locals. Who remembers the Shipyard Galley that closed a few years back?

      1. great value and good eats at REDS in Salem..I realize it's not in Marblehead but depending on what side of town you are staying on, it is very close.

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          Pretty close to Marblehead but in Salem is the Salem Diner. It's quite near the Salem State campus and it's pure diner, breakfast stuff, simple, small and homey. Nice! Plopped right in the middle of the intersection there, practically, so it's a challenge to park in their little parking lot.

          Salem Diner
          70 Loring Ave, Salem, MA 01970