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Oct 7, 2011 03:51 AM

What happened to the Haslo Konditori Swedish Bakery and their owners?

I was wondering if any one knew what happened to the Haslo Konditori Swedish Bakery on Arbutus Street and their owners. Specifically I wondering if their cardamom egg bread is still being sold anywhere. They have been closed for over a year but I still can't stop craving it --- imagine the perfect challah infused with cardamom...

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  1. I miss them too. For my car club (SAABs) we'd occasionally drive by there during our members meetings/drives and get some goodies, apt with our Swedish theme :-)

    1. I loved that place! Their cakes were awesome. Nice quality and not too sweet. Dunno what happened to them. The baker was Asian!

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        Business was never that great AFAICT they stuck it out for a while then sold out.

        Yes the Cardamom products were superb but the rest......