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Oct 7, 2011 03:45 AM

When pasta bars attack

How a pasta cook does something as simple as a butter pasta indicates a lot about overall care and training. After waiting a very long time, watching the cook flirt with the ladies, the oily inedible product that emerged was a total fail. Butane burners are a budgetary limitation I assume. How many years have they been operating in the Rube Goldberg style? Jump in, stay a while, train some cooks.

Sando was a train wreck too. The menu said Mortadella, Fontina, Red Pepper, Aioli. I must have misread the punctuation, because there was no vegetable matter outside what was emulsified in the mayo. Zero finesse.

Salad was a big tossed thing with chopped romaine. Salt and pepper on request only. Tossed in without a bit of culinary care. Uneven seasoning is a style I guess.

With beverages, it rung in at $35. The bar is low in Lilydale.

Any recent feedback on Luci (the old front) on Cleveland would be appreciated. It's been years and a recent stroll seemed to reveal a pasta only menu. This could be a "joint" in the best sense of the word. Or it could be another fail. Please make it the former.

Buon Giornio Italia
981 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Saint Paul, MN 55118

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  1. For people who might be using the regular search function, this is a review of Buon Giorno in St. Paul.

    1. Has anyone actually had decent pasta from this type of pasta bar? Given that the pasta is precooked and sits out for a while, given that there's no starchy water to bind a sauce to the pasta, and given that you can order one of a 1000 different possibilities, I think the bar is set very low for pasta bars in general. The finished product isn't going to be comparable to the exact same dish that's a set item on a menu, given that the cooking and assembly processes are vastly different.

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        Good point. However it is still possible to execute this pasta at a credible level, but nothing compared to the subtle and not so subtle advantage of freshly cooked of any type (dried, rolled, extruded).