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Oct 7, 2011 03:41 AM

A light in suburgatory - Pasta Pane (Clifton Park)

Clifton Park gets discussed on this Board as a culinary wasteland filled with family friendly chains. There's a light in suburgatory and I've been back to Pasta Pane AGAIN. Not a fan of Chianti and never been to Forno.

Went recently. Started with the warm bread and EVOO. Had the rice balls appetizer. Large portion of 6 rice balls (took half home). Very good. Also had the prix fixe dinner. Started with the grilled bread with ricotta, leeks and roasted tomatoes. Delicious. I will replicate this dish at home.

Had the chicken with eggplant and roasted tomatoes. It was good. I like the pollo funghi better. Have not tried their pastas or pizza yet.

Unlike Bellini's, Pasta Pane's espresso is hot. Excellent service, thanks to Chris.

More on Pasta Pane here:

PS Only downside of the open kitchen is when I left my clothes smelled like food . . .

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  1. We should stop dissing the culinary opportunities in Clifton Park; restaurants of every ethnicity now offer decent chow in every category, although none stands out. But Pasta Pane does provide good dining in a niche that hasn't existed for a while, maybe since the Dater Tavern closed; a convivial, upscale spot with a decent kitchen, good bar and winelist. Pasta Pane provides some of the pleasures of Chianti at a lower price-point; its menu lacks the depth of its Saratoga elder sibling. It's certainly the best cocktail bar between Latham and Saratoga Springs; Zecchini chose the location well, decorated it in his inimitable way, seems to provide careful management. An excellent reason to get of the Northway at Exit 9.

    1. Got my DZ card.

      Been back to Pasta Pane and tried their pizza (long pizza thread):

      Affordable and very good in CP :)

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        we were back there this weekend and as usual had a fine meal. a new salad item was very good and refreshing; arugula with a lemon vinaigrette, crumbled goat cheese, candied pecans, dried cranberries and sliced apples. it's so good having a place like this within 5 minutes of home.

        on a related note, dz is planning on opening a tapas place next year hopefully in time for track season.

      2. Went to Pasta Pane for an early dinner recently.

        Started with a half dinner, some kind of special they have during Happy Hour. I had shrimp with eggplant (more like a caponata on top of the shrimp), zucchini and roasted potatoes on the side. The zucchini was cooked perfectly. I passed on the roasted potatoes and only had one slice of their warm baked bread.

        I also had their pasta fagioli with kale and hot pepper flakes. Very healthy. A few bites were a little salty for me. The polenta with rosemary and fontina side was enough for 4. Very good.

        My favorite dinner place in CP. Great service (thanks, Chris), good value. Fresh & delicious.

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        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          it's been our go to place for a while now. nice and close and consistent. we need to meet up there! the roasted shrimp app with artichokes is one of my favorite items there. it makes a nice main dish with a side pf pasta too.

        2. Went to Pasta Pane with SO recently. We had the rice balls as a starter. They served warm bread with olive oil. He had a veal dish for his entree. He didn't seem that enthused when I asked him how it was but there wasn't much left!

          I had the $20 prix fixe. Eggplant rollatini for my appetizer, chicken cacciatori (thigh) with olives and artichoke for my main course and risotto w/cherry rice pudding for dessert. Espresso. Delicious, just the right portion size for me and an excellent value.

          Consistently good food and service. DZ gets it.

          Still my favorite dinner place in Clifton Park.

          1. Finally got back to Pasta Pane. They have a new menu. A few changes. Service was excellent, thanks to Chris.

            Started with the warm bread and EVOO, a glass of red wine.

            Skipped my favorite arancini to try a new addition to the menu, wood fired crab cakes. I took a bite and they tasted like bacon. So I ended up bringing them home for SO. The smoked tomato aioli, baby arugula and chile oil were devoured.

            I should have tried the beets. Next time.

            I had the creamy polenta with rosemary and fontina. Another favorite. Also took some of this home.

            Gamberi. Oven roasted shrimp, stemmed artichokes, cherry tomatoes, Tuscan beans, garli, olive oil and some balsamic reduction on the side. Simple and fresh. Delicious.

            I only wish all restaurants were so well managed and consistent. This is my favorite restaurant in Clifton Park.

            Unfortunately, I gave away all my $25 must-be-used in January gift cards. A "thank you" DZ gives to their customers who buy DZ gift cards during the holidays.

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              Almost forgot . . .Pasta Pane, Boca Bistro, Forno and Chianti are on Love that . . .

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                the gamberi has been on the menu as long as i can remember. it's a great dish. i've had it as a entree with a side of pasta or a salad. as you said, our favorite in clifton park.