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Oct 7, 2011 02:45 AM

Fete de L'Huitre et Fete des Vendages this Weekend!

Busy weekend for gastronomes parisiennes! Fete de L'Huitre is Friday the 7th of October with free degustations from ostreiculteurs Normand, Breton, and Marenais till 3PM and again between 5:30PM and 9PM. Festivities are on till 9PM at Bercy Village ,Cour St. Emilion. The championship of the best oyster opener(ecailler) will start at 3:00PM.
Then there is the annual Fete Des Vendages that has already started in Montmartre with the theme of islands, spices and bananas. There are food and wine kiosks around Sacre Coeur from all areas of France and their department of Dom-Tom, which incorporates French territories outside of France. These are mostly islands all over the world except for Guyane. Visites of the Clos de Montmartre will be held of course.
The big parade starts at saturday at 3PM and there are too many activites to list here. That night there will be a dances, music and a big display of fireworks. Festivities continue through Sunday. .
Paris is not only for lovers, but there are always these food fetes that I adore!

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  1. Going for the master shuckers this afternoon at L'Huitre

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      Hi Deluca, was there in the front row under the drizzling rain, but enjoyed every minute of the the concours. My favorite oyster was Breton, from Cancale. Incredible clean iodine and sea flavour from start to finish!
      Would have loved to come up to say hello, but did not hear any other anglo accent but my own!

      1. re: Cheriekiss

        Parisjo&Den, DCM and DH and I were all there having a grand time. We went on to the marché de producteurs de l'Aveyron and bought aiguillettes and 2-year Gabriel-Coulet roquefort.

        1. re: Cheriekiss

          email me at address on info page, we can do the next one

      2. Since living nearby, I tend to get questions every year about the Fete des Vendages in Montmartre, one of the two remaining vineyards in town (the other is pathetic, however our wine is undrinkable, even by me, who will drink almost anything) - it is a bit later this year - October 9-13. If you've never been, go, it's kinda retro, if you've been once, no need to repeat.

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        1. re: John Talbott

          Anyone know if there will be a repeat of the Fete des Huitres this year? I've googled but can't find any info. I know the Marche de l'Aveyron is on again while we are there, but would love to go back and slurp more delicious (free) oysters again!


          1. re: parisjo

            Just checked participants and alas the Roquefort that makes one of my very top cheeses, the 2 year aged Roquefort from G Coulet is not on the list. they were not on the Salon de Fermiers list this Spring as well as Pte-Champerret.
            l am, of course, heartbroken, no other Roquefort for me is even close.